Stashcast 28 – I AM BATMAN – Show Notes

This week’s episode starts off with a special introduction to our guest Gareth. The guys have enjoyed some delicious chocolate cake but their enjoyment is short lived with the mention of Cake Farts.

#1 – Baywatch
Who doesn’t love the 90’s favourite Saturday night tv show? This quickly goes off topic with the mention of the remix version of the theme music

#2 – What is your catchphrase? – (Submitted by Dave on Facebook)
J-Bo comes out with an offensive one which just so happens to be an internet sensation. What other cast catchphrase’s do you know?


#3 – 10 squirrels vs 30 guinea pigs
This one quickly goes off topic and lead to the weekly jab at J-Bo’s age. Does this one even get answered?


#4 – Microsoft have bought Minecraft, will microsoft kill the game off? Why sell out when you can build your own empire? – (Submitted by L2K)
This one has mixed reaction from the guys. Ashbosh tells the crew about the time he streamed the game with someone from work watching for an hour, but what did he make?
810#5 – Why do you never see baby pigeons? (Submitted by @Creeky76)
Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? The guys are so shocked by this, they need to do some google searches
#6 – Have you ever picked your own arse and smelt it?
One of the guys has never done this but which one?
#7 – What would be more painful, a papercut on each finger on one hand or to stand on a plug? (Submitted by Christopher on Facebook)
Neither would appeal to any sane human but after abit of scientific thinking the crew all choose their answer
#8 – Chuck Norris (Sumbitted by @Gmanwhitey on Twitter)
This one quickly escalates to the internet’s hidden gems. Who has ever tried to walk to Mordor?

Stan tells the story of one man,  one car and one cigarette.
Listen in to hear more.

Stan gives us a treat by giving us his cockney impression with a cameo from his best batman voice.

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Stashcast 27 – Anton Du Beke and the Donut – Show Notes

This show begins in the usual way except Stan immediately declares he needs to go to the Little boy’s room to relieve himself as he needs a wee. Ashbosh can’t believe how unprofessional that is, but as it turns out he isn’t the only one who needs to go! After we introduce the regulars to the show we have a special guest on the show, the ever active Gareth (@Gmanwhitey on twitter) who submits topics for conversation often as he is a big fan of the show. After a musical interlude (to cover for the toilet break) the Guv picks out the first topic.

#1 – Feltching and Shrimping. Which is best of a bad bunch? REALLY?! LOL! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Well this topic is met with justifiable apprehension from J-Bo. As we learn what Shrimping is as the cast already had heard the term Feltching. This one seems an easy choice and it doesn’t take the cast long to choose!

#2 – Are you a fan of Halloween? (Submitted by Chris from Ohio)
Stan likes certain aspects of it, Ashbosh doesn’t really understand why we make a fuss over it. But it is mentioned by J-bo that it is huge in the USA compared to the UK. Stan is very proud of his pumpkin carving he had recently done when this episode was recorded. Below is an image of the same pumpkin Stan is talking about on the show! Well done Stan!

#3 – Sky News: With the McCann twitter bully, too far or justified? (Submitted by Jack from Manchester)
Quite a powerful question as it was quite a big story in the British media. Sky News reported about a certain lady who was trolling the McCann’s on twitter. They confronted her on national television and she later commited suicide. So the Crew discuss if it was too far or justifiable as she certainly didn’t care enough when tweeting to the McCann’s.

#4 – Most Annoying Advert (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo has come to terms with how Ashbosh despises aftershave advert as he now also detests them after Ash highlighted to the crew on an earlier episode how pathetic he feels they actually are. Gareth hates the GoCompare adverts and Ashbosh cannot stand the Pounds to Pocket adverts. Also ghambling adverts pops up in the conversation and most of the crew detest them too! No shortage of bad adverts so here’s one below! Enjoy….NOT!

#5 – Legalize Marijuana (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh pipes up instantly to state this was not him. As he is a firm believer in making it legal, to tax it and benefit the world.

#6 – If you could choose the last thing you see before you die, what would it be? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Gareth wants to see his victims face! Quite a crazy choice! Ashbosh chooses the sexual organs of the Guv as his last choice. Conversation deteriorates and the boys end up discussing old women’s cheesy bits. But alas we can’t put that on the show notes so here is a crazy picture that will have to suffice!

#7 – At what age is it acceptable to live with your parents? (Submitted by Libby)
WOW! This is J-Bo’s Mam!!! AWKWARD! Half of the crew still live with their Mothers! Arguing amongst themselves to justify why they still live at home!

This week Stan wants to talk about Google Maps and all the crazy things they have seen! What is the most memorable funny Google Map incident you have seen? Send them to us from our Social Media page!!! Here’s a funny one below!

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Stashcast 26 – Hier Kommt Alex – Show Notes

So Stan does the introductions on the pretence that Ashbosh is being lazy. It turns out Ashbosh has an ulterior motive and that is to get Stan in trouble with the special guest as much as possible. As the normal introductions come to an end we are awarded with the introduction of our guest Stashbox keeper, Alex! Stan’s better half, who immediately calls him out on the “Titty Smash Incident”. After some quick banter, the first topic is pulled from our beloved Stashbox.

#1 – You are the PM (Prime Minister). You create a new National Holiday, but for What/Who and what would it be named? (Submitted by Anonymous)
We have covered something similar before but not exactly the same. It turns out the crew find it difficult to settle for one choice! Ash decides a national holiday which will ultimately end in Stan serving life in prison! But what is it?!

#2 – Ghosts (Submitted by Anonymous)
A debate that could last for eons. This is a passionate subject for Ashbosh but do J-Bo and Stan believe in ghosts?! Download to find out!

#3 – The Stress Helmet (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Ashbosh loads up the video in relation to this subject and all the crew are amazed how some of these “ideas” actually become a reality. This leaves the crew speechless so another subject has to be pulled from the Stashbox by Alex

#4 – Number 1 place you want to go on Holiday (Laura via Facebook)
Stan blurts out his number one place. J-Bo has several places he’d love to go with the Moon being one of them! Ashbosh does indeed share the same love as Stan and they discuss why. But J-Bo can’t believe not all the crew are interested in going to the moon!

#5 – Favorite childhood program/cartoon? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
As J-Bo has only recently finished being a young child he has some relatively new cartoons he used to love growing up. Stan tries to make a joke but Alex calls him on his bullsh*t and spoils his joke! After Stan tries to argue his case on his own, the crew pick their own personal faves.

#6 – Each cast member should say an embarrassing story about themselves (Submitted  by Dan via Email)
After the guest Stashbox keeper Alex makes an extra rule to the topic (Public embarrassment) so J-Bo goes first and tells a tale of partying young and living to regret it. Stan shares a story of him being shown up in a theatre. Ashbosh can’t think but does know a time where he soiled himself and decides to describe that chapter in his life.

#7 – What is your earliest memory? (Submitted by L2K)
Stan goes first and his is a Christmas tale. J-Bo remembers when he used to live in Stockton and found a scary beast! Ashbosh remembers taking a leak all over someones floor!

Stan has seen in the news a man who did something very silly with the UK’s newest child craze! The dreaded LOOM BANDS! We don’t want to spoil the story with a picture, once you have listened to the show, click HERE and you can see the exact article Stan discusses. Here’s a random picture of a puppy wrapped up in a towel just to end the show notes on a high! Stay tuned next Monday for episode 27 free on iTunes and android if you check out the Android link at the top of this page for more information!

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Stashcast 25 – Lemonparty and the Killer Cassowary – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts with a little reminder of Stan’s scabby scrote. Stan insults the Guv, J-Bo and Ashbosh quickly try to provoke a reaction before the first topic is pulled out of the Stashbox.

#1 – Since the iPhone 6 bends like a banana, does Stan hate the iPhone 6?
Everyone loves this question except Stan. The guys quickly go off topic with their little knowledge of world currencies.

#2 – There has been a high number of people commit suicide by jumping into an animal pit. If you had to to chose an animal to be killed by which would you chose?
The guys all feel it is a brutal way to go. Ashbosh decides he would like to be taken out by one of these..

#3 – Garage repairing your car and leaving your radio tuned to Chav FM
The only people who can comment on this is Stan and J-Bo and they both detest their cars being altered.

#4 – Lemonparty, just why?
Everyone is haunted by previous episodes and hope this topic doesn’t follow suit. A quick check on urban directory offers some reassurance. What is lemonparty, certainly not this..

#5 – Tells us a quirky habit of yours (Submitted by James)
Someone has to shit naked while another never wears the same pair of socks twice. Someone has to rub fabric together to sleep while someone struggles to decide.
#6 – Facebook
The crew discuss their thoughts on the social media superpower.

#7 – For the next year would you rather have continuous hiccups or feel like you are going to sneeze but can’t? (Submitted by John)
What a good question! This causes a good debate, and it is a tough one for all the guys to answer as it’s trying to pick the best option from two terrible choices! But what do the guys choose?

#8 – Netflix or Lovefilm (Amazon Prime) – (Submitted by J-Bo)
Ashbosh gets educated on Amazon Prime. The guys relive the days before streaming became the standard. J-Bo describes this dream job
The week’s story involves youths, fireworks and dog waste bin.

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Hello from Florida!

the Guv’nor and Ashbosh wish you s happy hello as they enjoy some vacation time in the Happiest place on earth! Walt Disney World!

We were just shooting the sh*t with Mickey & Minnie and they submitted some great topics for discussion! We saw them on their travels around Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom with Mickey

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Stashcast 24 – Funny Phallus – Show Notes

As the show begins we hear the standard Ashbosh introduction. As the great scabby scrotum debate rages on, Ashbosh introduces his wing man Stan and fellow host J-Bo. After the initial hilarity regarding episode 20’s scab tale, we also are introduced to our beautiful keeper of the Stashbox the Guv’nor. Once this is out of the way then the Guv pulls the first subject from the glorious Stashbox.

#1 – You can stop time and do anything you want, but this would shorten your life by the number of minutes you stop the time by. Discuss. (Submitted by John)
With any question like this we have come to learn J-Bo cannot answer these until EVERY POSSIBLE anomaly has been ironed out and he understands all the rules regarding these. No one else seems to struggle though, but when the chips are down and rules are explained… Is it as good a deal as you think?

#2 – What is your rapper name? (Submitted by MC Cockbender)
Everyone laughed at the submitter name. Guv makes a jibe at Stan’s rapper name but what did he chose? As usual J-Bo has a problem making a decision. Ashbosh relives his teenage years.homeboy2

#3 – British accents, favourite and most hated? (Submitted by L2K)
The Guv starts off with her impression of the cockney accent which Ashbosh had to explain to the listeners as it wasn’t recognisable. After a brief discussion, the guys attempt various accents. The Guv decides Ashbosh is the accent master!

#4 – Describe sausage in a pirate voice ( Submitted by Jo)
Ash gives this an instant attempt, as he is the accent master.  The guys decide Stan has to finish the rest of the show in a pirate voice since his impression was that good, but does he?

#5 – Name 3 songs for the soundtrack to your life (Submitted by @MiniMosh)
Stan starts off on a serious note, Ashbosh counteracts this with some Electric 6 love and J-Bo brings it down a notch with the mention of the Church of fudge!

#6 – If you were offered the part of Jim in American Pie, would you take it? (Submitted by Jess)
The Guv has to set context to the seemingly easy question for J-Bo. Somehow the conversation spirals into how inappropriate Stan is around children much to Stan’s dislike.

Stan declares this story of the week as the most embarrassing story of this life. This story involves 2 girls, 1 phone and a phallus.


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Stashcast 23 – Church of Fudge With Surströmming – Show Notes

We are back with episode 23! Ashbosh resumes the helm after Stan kicked off the show on the previous episode. Once the initial argument about Stan’s scrotum is completed, and the crew discuss a new film they have seen. Our resident keeper of the Stashbox the Guv’nor picks a topic from the Stashbox to begin the show!

#1 – Church of Fudge (Submitted By @PaulusJ93 via Twitter)
Wow, what a first subject! If you have never seen this video, we really don’t want to talk to you about it! But if you would like to see the video then click HERE **WE ARE TELLING YOU NOW, THIS IS NOT PRETTY! WATCH WITH CAUTION, NSFW AND NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!!**

#2 – Jason Orange has quit Take That, but it’s not really news. What horrific news story that ain’t news can you remember? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Stan begins this topic with a story of an older newspaper who recycled the same articles with some photo wizardry. J-Bo doesn’t understand celebrity news stories and we get onto a porn star with a famous Daddy

#3 – If you could travel back in time and witness any event from history, what would it be? (Submitted by L2K)
From an easy question to a very DEEP question! Our entire crew need to think of this one. J-Bo wants more clarification on the rules and the Guv leaves it up to the crew to decide how they witness the events. Minimosh then gives an aggressive choice as hers revolves around punching an innocent person in the face! But who?? Stan then comes through with another morbid choice, and J-Bo follows suit.
Ashbosh doesn’t understand why they choose such gory events and would like to see an important moment in the hstory of Mankind as a whole! Who knows where he got that from as Ashbosh usually isn’t the most sensible. But what do all the crew decide on?

#4 – Which modern conveniences should have never been invented? (Submitted by James)
Stan gives an answer Ashbosh absolutely adores! But the Guv disagrees instantly and this upsets Ash no end! What would your modern convenience be?
J-Bo then tells the crew of a tale around the Swedish delicacy Surströmming! So the crew watch the below video to see what all the fuss is about!

This episodes story is about people who took an internet rumor and actually tried it destroying their very expensive new phones! Do you have sympathy for these people? Do you think Stan does?

After this the crew go through the Social Media links, all found HERE and say their farewell’s for this week! Many thanks for downloading/subscribing/streaming we really appreciate all your input! We’d like to thank all our listeners who send in topics for discussion too as without you we couldn’t do what we love to do which is hopefully entertain you! Stay cool Stashers! Until next week!

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Stashcast 22 – 3 Boobs and Star Wars – Show Notes

So finally on Episode 22 someone else does the introductions! This is Stan’s turn to begin the show and introduces the crew as standard. Minus the stress and illness everyone seems to be doing fairly well! Without further delay the Guv’nor picks out the first topic

#1 – Would you wank off a horse to save it’s life? (Submitted by Billy via email)
Minimosh also reads out a little message from Billy that he loves the show! Thanks alot Billy! Ashbosh doesn’t like horses at all and does not mind saying so. J-Bo’s family actually have horses and tells the crew the time and effort they take to look after. Would you do this to a horse to save it’s life? Listen in to find out if anyone of the crew would!

#2 – Little People Village in China – Research and Discuss (Submitted by Anonymous)
Our Guv has discovered that Ashbosh rates in the top 10% of mankind for his size, Stan is also happy to find out he makes the cut. Does the cast like the village or do they think it is exploitation?

#3 – Is Ginger a disability? (Submitted by Martin via Facebook)
Stan tells us all how Martin who submitted this question abuses him over his disgust of bananas! Hew disagrees with the disability but does admit to it being a defect of genetics. Here below is one of the MANY pictures Stan has received from Martin in regards to his hatred of the yellow fruit!

#4 – If you were in a communal shower alone and opened your eyes after washing your face/hair and saw someone in front of you who was REALLY close! What is the first thing you would shout? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan and Ashbosh both know the story behind this and as we are not sure who submitted the idea, this person remains nameless. After the story is told the guys think what they would shout. What would you shout?

#5 – Have you ever walked out of the cinema as the film was so bad? (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo has had this experience, Ashbosh gets very upset about a tale from years gone by when he and Stan and a few others went to see a film that turned out to be crap! But he couldn’t leave as he doesn’t drive!

#6 – What is your favourite Knock-Knock joke? (Submitted by James)
Pathetic! We cannot believe how bad the Stashcast crew are on this one! We only have 1 joke between the entire crew! So it wins by default! Ashbosh loads a video on Youtube that could be a sneak peak of footage from the new Star Wars films! Here it is!

Stan is a booby man. He loves breasts, big or small he loves them all! So this week he discusses the woman with the third breast!

J-Bo loves Star wars, and notices a tiny thumbnail left on the PC whilst recording the show. He discusses the potential storylines for the new Star Wars movies, and he can’t get over the fact that Mark Hamill now sports a beard, here’s a picture!

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Stashcast 21 – Pirates Or Ninjas – Show Notes

Ashbosh once again does the intro and manages to make a hash of it! Once everyone has been formally introduced (And insulted if you are Stan), our resident Stashbox keeper the Guv’nor picks the first topic from the sexy & beloved Stashbox.

#1 – What’s your most enjoyable shitty film? (Submitted by Al)
This one seems fairly easy, but when the discussion begins the crew realise they feel the only films they choose to watch are good films, but they cans still somehow pick shitty ones!

#2 – Is a portion of Chips a meal, side dish or snack? (Submitted by Paul via Twitter)
A nice little quick one! What do you think? Is it a meal? Or a side dish? Or simply a snack? Our crew thought it could be various options given certain circumstances!

#3 – If you can have one super power, what would it be? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh recently sent the guys this funny picture only days before the recording!
Our stashbox keeper takes over this topic and the Guv’s power is crazy! They all choose their own power, this subject could go for hours if we let it! But the Guv doesn’t let the boys get too carried away.

#4 – What’s one talent or skill that you don’t have but have always wanted? (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-bo has quite a good answer, Stan decides to take over and describe the fabric on the back of Ashbosh’s pyjamas when he recently released some flatulence. He then chooses quite an ugly talent.

#5 – What is better? Pirates or Ninjas? (Submitted by John via Email)
Stan reckons he has the correct answer, J-Bo disagrees. Ashbosh tells of how he and Stan when they used to work nightshift used to watch videos called I am Ninja back in 2006. Ash puts the intro song on so here is a video linked below!

As per usual the topic migrated onto other things. A Youtube celebrity by the name of Kassem-G pops up! So here is what we promised!

Stan’s Story of the Week
This episode Stan talks about meeting a celebrity who he thought at first was a midget. He isn’t however a midget at all and it all ends up with the Guv’nor being insulted!

#6 – If you could be the director of one company, which would it be and what would you do on your first day? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh jumps onto this one with a peach on an idea! Which ends with him wishing he had a crack habit with the money he makes! J-bo wishes he could work for a huge corporation! But which one? Stan wants to take over a company with the sole reason is to sack someone he doesn’t really like! Even the Guv comes into this topic with an idea, but she just wants to use her platform to get a huge Sword!

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Stashcast 20 – Stan and His Scabby Scrote – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts with a little debate about pooing and whether or not men have pelvic floor muscles. After all the crew are introduced and present, the keeper of the sacred Stashbox (the Guv) draws the first topic out for discussion!

#1 – Who would win out of a 3 way rumble out of Firthmoor, Redhall and Branksome estate? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
The Guv thinks this question would have been more relevant in the 90’s. The guys think this question is about the rival schools. This subject only really works if you are from the town the boys record in! So this subject was over fairly quickly.

#2 – If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go? (Submitted by James B)
Stan wants to Teabag a world leader.. but which one? This quickly escalates into an epic story about Stan balls which makes The Guv cry!

#3 – Would you rather help me to help you, or not co-operate? (Submitted by Anonymous)
The guys are quite confused about what this actually means, The Guv can offer no suggestion so the crew dust themselves off and a new subject is drawn from the beloved Stashbox.

#4 – Ladyboys? Only gay if the balls touch? (Submitted by Steve)
J-Bo gives the guys a funny story about an old lady and some Ladyboys. Stan gives a good insight into his answer. What do you think?

#5 – Do you think it is acceptable to skive off work to play a video game? If so how long? (Submitted by Alex via email)
Stan is a good guy and only books holiday but what does Ash and J-Bo think? Are any of the guys guilty? Also the guys want to re-write the maternity sickness law before giving their answers to the question.

#6 – What car would you buy with a million pounds? (Submitted by Anon)
Stan is so fast off the mark no-one could even decifer what he says! J-Bo has recently purchased a new car which starts off a discussion about a unique North East truck club. The Guv and Ashbosh want to go back to the 70’s for their choice.

Stan’s Story of the Week
Stan wrote himself a note to remember his story which reads Martin’s Balls….
After Stan has covered his story Stan talks about how he looks in Women’s drawers!
Because the conversation has deviated, Stan is upset at women adverts that dictate because you wear a certain type of tampon etc. that you can go sky diving etc. But is that really true?

#7 – How old does person need to be/or look for you to give up your seat on a bus or Train? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
As this is the final question pulled out the Stashbox today, the entire gang want to get their opinion in. Minimosh also declares pregnant women in this topic. What makes this subject even better is the Guv also puts in celebrities who are 60+ because they may be older, but they don’t appear older!

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