Stashcast 34 – Stan POV – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts with Stan not loving Mcdonalds but what have they done to make him so mad? Once everyone is introduced the Guv picks out the first question from the Stashbox

#1 – 3 reasons why Nigel Farage is a twat – (Submitted by Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
This one starts off a heated debate about the current politics in the UK. Ashbosh has an idea for the recruitment process for politicians but will it catch one?

#2 – RIP Christine Cavanaugh – (Submitted by Anonymous)
As Christine voiced so many of Ashbosh and Stan’s childhood cartoons they are pretty sad that she has pasted. RIP.

#3 – If it were real would you be Jedi or Sith? – (Submitted by Mark via Facebook)
Ashbosh is quick off the mark much to The Guv dislike. The main question is what colour would the lightsaber be?

#4 – What is your best video game character ever? – (Submitted by Jack via email)
Everyone loves this question, Ashbosh struggles with his answer which causes Stan to re-evaluate his. The Guv knows straight away who she would pick.

#5 – Mae Young or The Fabulous Moolah – (Submitted by Roy)
The guys have to give J-Bo some idea who these two are. Stan knows his answer which he basis on a hand. Ashbosh tries to explain how old these two are without the use of photos.

#6 – Dustin Diamond, Has Stan seen the sex tape? – (Submitted by Harry via Facebook)
Silly question really. Stan is sure it’s not the real Dustin in the video and tries to explain why he believes it and POV porn is born!

Following previous week’s story this one is about Stan, farts, cramp and the domino effect this has.

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Ashbosh Needs You!

In honour of episode 33, Ashbosh has asked all our listeners to help him a question which has confused him for years!

Where is an octopus arsehole?

Ashbosh has asked for people to answer without the help of Google and the first person to correctly answer it honestly he will draw a picture of an Octopus and send it to you!

Think you know the answer? Get at us!

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Stashcast 33 – 1st Rule of Defender Club – Show Notes

Welcome one and all to episode 33 of the Stashcast. After the usual band of misfits are introduced The Guv dives straight into the Stashbox

#1 – Do you know where to get some Tartan Paint? – (Submitted by @vanman234 via Twitter)
Stan has been the victim of this joke before, but did he fall for it?

#2 – As my celeb look like is Shamu, should Seaworld be closed? Is it cruel containment of animals? – (Submitted by @gmanwhitey via Twitter)
The guys don’t appear to the like the thoughtful questions. Ashbosh gives answers which could either by for or after the idea but what do the other guys think?

#3 – Should I leave my missus and run the risk of going back to her, or do her in and that be the end of it? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan puts his foot right in it. The Guv has to clarify the question for our international listeners and also gives her insight in what she would choose.
#4 – Jeeps are better than Landrovers, discuss? – (Submitted by Gmanwhity via Paper not Twitter)
The guys try hard to make J-Bo admit to being part of a Landrover club but he is having none of it. Stan decides to share with the guys one of this favourite Christmas gifts.

#5 – If you owned a store what would you sell? – (Submitted by James B )
J-Bo thinks he knows what Ashbosh would sell.. but is he right? Stan and The Guv think they maybe onto an idea to start a real store but that idea was quickly scrapped by why?

#6 – Why do mother’s get more for Mother’s day than Father’s do for Father’s day? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh is quick to mock The Guv for her poor reading of the questions. Stan and Ashbosh are quick to explain why they believe females get more, J-Bo is set to explain what has happened to his Defender.
Ashbosh asks the guys a question which has bugged him for weeks… can you help?

This week’s story involves Stan, Alex, some lies about farting and wedgies.

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We Need You!

As always at Stashcast HQ we are looking for suggestions for our ever growing Stashbox… got anything you want us to discuss on the show then please send it our way!



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Stashcast 32 – Narcoleptic Dog – Show Notes

Happy New Year Everyone!

This week’s episode starts with the guys talking about their new years resolutions. Alex joins us again though appears surprised Stan asked her back. The Guv presses the bell early on when the conversation wasn’t her to her taste, the guys aren’t impressed.

#1 – If you were going to get sponsored by a brand, who would you like it to be and why? (Submitted by Malcolm from Sunderland)
Ashbosh is quick off the mark however his answer wouldn’t help with his new year’s resolution. The conversation quickly goes to the guys favourite drinks and problems with caffeine, a narcoleptic dog is also mentioned.

#2 – Tinder, useful or stalky? (Submitted by Ian on Facebook)
The guys have no idea what Tinder is so Google is needed to help assist this. Ashbosh is not impressed after discovering how many hours people spend on it. Stan and Alex has a disagreement other their relationship.

#3 – What is the worst alcohol beverage you ever drank? (Submitted by Ben via Facebook)
This one ends up with Stan and Alex surprising everyone with their lack of drink experience and ends up with everyone reliving their youth.
salmon vodka-1640097240_v2.grid-4x2

#4 – If you had to do one, Richard or Judy? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
J-Bo is quick off the mark while Ashbosh is more interested in The Guvs answer and this sets off a complete different conversation. Who would you pick?

#5 – Finger your mam or wank off your dad?  ( Submitted by Johnny via Facebook)
Ashbosh bans Johnny from submitting any further questions and quickly answers the question however it’s bending the rules slightly.
#6 – If you lived in America, would you own a gun? (Submitted by J-Bo)
J-Bo explains his reason for putting this in the Stashbox.  Alex wants more clarification on the question. Stan doesn’t think Alex should be allowed a gun as she can’t handle a knife… an argue quickly followed.

Alex tells this weeks story which involves Stan, Alex’s bedroom and Stan’s ass.

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Stashcast 31 – Flatulence Fiasco – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts off with the guys discussing their Christmas traditions and love for Vienetta ice-cream.  Alex joins us to Ashbosh and J-Bo’s delight. The Guv shares how Ashbosh and her celebrate their Christmas, the guys are not impressed.

#1 – What are your thoughts on the hacking scandal? (Submitted by Anonymous via email)
The Guv gives a number of examples of recent hacks which results in the conversation going into a slightly different direction and ends up at 22 Jump Street. The Guv asks whether or not hacking is justified but what do the guys think?
#2 – If you were a Simpson’s character who would you be? (Submitted by James B)
Everyone loves this question with some quick answers but as always this one quickly goes off topic. Avenged Sevenfold even makes an appearance.
#3 – If cash were tight, what would be the first thing you would sell? (Submitted by James B)
The Guv sets the context that you will need to make up a months wage. This one has the guys thinking what they would sell. Body, Body parts and drugs but who picked what?


Alex tells the story this week as Stan wouldn’t do it justice. This week’s story involves a shopping trip, games and lingering smell.
#4 – What is your new year resolution? (Submitted by The Guv)
J-Bo takes some inspiration from The Guv’s fizzy free diet. Everyone has a health improvement wish for 2015.

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Stashcast 30 – Frog Loving Monkey Xmas Special – Show Notes

So as the show starts and Ashbosh does the usual introductions the crew discuss if they look forward to the big day. the Guv isn’t happy about some people and an argument ensues with J-Bo and the Guv (As usual). Guv tries to trick J-Bo and utilizes Ashbosh’s ability to lie, but does J-Bo believe her?

#1 – Who would win if Captain Scarlett had a fight with the Thunderbirds? (Submitted by Anonymous)
If you don’t know either of these old kids show, then you’ll need to Youtube some footage to see who you think may win? Who do you think the cast chose?

#2 – Who would be in your dream band? You can have upto 5 members max! (Submitted by Minimosh)
We’ve had this a few times now, in various different versions. But this one could lead to the biggest debate yet! See who the crew pick for their choices, don’t let the picture below fool you, these may not be the picks that the crew choose.

#3 – Have you ever eaten animal food, like dog food? If so was it nice? (Submitted by Carl via Email)
J-bo used to work in a pet store, so he knows all too well what different treats can be like. Stan asks if J-Bo has fed his new Chihuahua Irn-Bru yet! Someone has tried cat food before…..But who was it?

#4 – Did Oscar Pistorius get a long enough sentence? (Submitted by Leon via Email)
Tough one, all comes down to how you perceive the case, but the crew put in their two pence!

#5 – Do you know your own Larry David? (Submitted by Ashbosh)
Ash has to explain what Larry is like, morally correct but how he goes about his point the wrong way. Stan decides his is J-Bo! Which causes a reaction from the crew.

#6 – Monkey Rapes Frog (Submitted by Anonymous)
The Guv reads out the card to pure disappointment from the boys. WARNING THIS IS DISTURBING

#7 – Which is better the Mega Drive or the Nes? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Great question as this takes the crew back to their youth, games discussed are Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Sensible Soccer and other such classics! But which console became the Stashcast retro console of choice?

Stan talks of how he managed to whack an inappropriate image onto a friends TV using their own technology

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Stashcast 29 – Stan’s Gifts – Shownotes

This week’s episode starts with the guys discussing their recent Domino’s pizza. J-Bo was the only Stashcast crew member who didn’t go and see Mastodon, the guys won’t let him live that down and Stan has bought a gift to make sure he doesn’t forget it.

#1 – Is it acceptable for an adult to have Lego
This one goes off into the guys love of lego and all things geeky, what adult doesn’t like lego…. and twizzlers?

highres_222971952#2 – If you could commit one crime without being caught what would it be? – Submitted by James B
J-Bo is quick off the mark on this one. Ashbosh is confused by the names of different crimes but J-Bo is there with all the answers. Stan has to take it down a notch with his answer.
#3 – What do you think of the ever increasing cost of traveling on a plane/train?
No one is impressed with the cost of travel in the UK however not everyone uses public transport. The guys have some ideas on how to improve this.
#4 – Old women dressing like young women, thought? – Submitted by Josh
This one quickly goes off onto a discussion on women’s fashion and what people don’t want to see. Cake Farts even gets a mention.
#5 – If you are born on February 29th, what date do you celebrate your birthday on a none leap year? – Submitted by John via Email
This one ends up in a heated debate with some confusion over why people chose different dates. This one doesn’t last long before the The Guv is told to ring the bell
This weeks story involves a boobs, star wars, girlfriends and men in costumes.

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Stashcast 28 – I AM BATMAN – Show Notes

This week’s episode starts off with a special introduction to our guest Gareth. The guys have enjoyed some delicious chocolate cake but their enjoyment is short lived with the mention of Cake Farts.

#1 – Baywatch
Who doesn’t love the 90’s favourite Saturday night tv show? This quickly goes off topic with the mention of the remix version of the theme music

#2 – What is your catchphrase? – (Submitted by Dave on Facebook)
J-Bo comes out with an offensive one which just so happens to be an internet sensation. What other cast catchphrase’s do you know?


#3 – 10 squirrels vs 30 guinea pigs
This one quickly goes off topic and lead to the weekly jab at J-Bo’s age. Does this one even get answered?


#4 – Microsoft have bought Minecraft, will microsoft kill the game off? Why sell out when you can build your own empire? – (Submitted by L2K)
This one has mixed reaction from the guys. Ashbosh tells the crew about the time he streamed the game with someone from work watching for an hour, but what did he make?
810#5 – Why do you never see baby pigeons? (Submitted by @Creeky76)
Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? The guys are so shocked by this, they need to do some google searches
#6 – Have you ever picked your own arse and smelt it?
One of the guys has never done this but which one?
#7 – What would be more painful, a papercut on each finger on one hand or to stand on a plug? (Submitted by Christopher on Facebook)
Neither would appeal to any sane human but after abit of scientific thinking the crew all choose their answer
#8 – Chuck Norris (Sumbitted by @Gmanwhitey on Twitter)
This one quickly escalates to the internet’s hidden gems. Who has ever tried to walk to Mordor?

Stan tells the story of one man,  one car and one cigarette.
Listen in to hear more.

Stan gives us a treat by giving us his cockney impression with a cameo from his best batman voice.

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Stashcast 27 – Anton Du Beke and the Donut – Show Notes

This show begins in the usual way except Stan immediately declares he needs to go to the Little boy’s room to relieve himself as he needs a wee. Ashbosh can’t believe how unprofessional that is, but as it turns out he isn’t the only one who needs to go! After we introduce the regulars to the show we have a special guest on the show, the ever active Gareth (@Gmanwhitey on twitter) who submits topics for conversation often as he is a big fan of the show. After a musical interlude (to cover for the toilet break) the Guv picks out the first topic.

#1 – Feltching and Shrimping. Which is best of a bad bunch? REALLY?! LOL! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Well this topic is met with justifiable apprehension from J-Bo. As we learn what Shrimping is as the cast already had heard the term Feltching. This one seems an easy choice and it doesn’t take the cast long to choose!

#2 – Are you a fan of Halloween? (Submitted by Chris from Ohio)
Stan likes certain aspects of it, Ashbosh doesn’t really understand why we make a fuss over it. But it is mentioned by J-bo that it is huge in the USA compared to the UK. Stan is very proud of his pumpkin carving he had recently done when this episode was recorded. Below is an image of the same pumpkin Stan is talking about on the show! Well done Stan!

#3 – Sky News: With the McCann twitter bully, too far or justified? (Submitted by Jack from Manchester)
Quite a powerful question as it was quite a big story in the British media. Sky News reported about a certain lady who was trolling the McCann’s on twitter. They confronted her on national television and she later commited suicide. So the Crew discuss if it was too far or justifiable as she certainly didn’t care enough when tweeting to the McCann’s.

#4 – Most Annoying Advert (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo has come to terms with how Ashbosh despises aftershave advert as he now also detests them after Ash highlighted to the crew on an earlier episode how pathetic he feels they actually are. Gareth hates the GoCompare adverts and Ashbosh cannot stand the Pounds to Pocket adverts. Also ghambling adverts pops up in the conversation and most of the crew detest them too! No shortage of bad adverts so here’s one below! Enjoy….NOT!

#5 – Legalize Marijuana (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh pipes up instantly to state this was not him. As he is a firm believer in making it legal, to tax it and benefit the world.

#6 – If you could choose the last thing you see before you die, what would it be? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Gareth wants to see his victims face! Quite a crazy choice! Ashbosh chooses the sexual organs of the Guv as his last choice. Conversation deteriorates and the boys end up discussing old women’s cheesy bits. But alas we can’t put that on the show notes so here is a crazy picture that will have to suffice!

#7 – At what age is it acceptable to live with your parents? (Submitted by Libby)
WOW! This is J-Bo’s Mam!!! AWKWARD! Half of the crew still live with their Mothers! Arguing amongst themselves to justify why they still live at home!

This week Stan wants to talk about Google Maps and all the crazy things they have seen! What is the most memorable funny Google Map incident you have seen? Send them to us from our Social Media page!!! Here’s a funny one below!

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