Stashcast 18 – Sly Stallone One Liners! – Show Notes

Episode 18 starts with the crew not being able to get the image of Cake Farts out of their head. After the standard introductions and a discussion on if the cake was indeed eaten, the Guv grabs the first topic from the Stashbox for the show to officially begin.

#1 – Would you spend the night away from your partner, to have sex with another person for money? How much would it cost? Would you let your partner do the same? (Submitted by John via e-mail)
Stan likens this question to a film, all the crew have a moral choice to make on this question. Some of the crew try and push Ashbosh to change his answer, but does he?

#2 – Which professional wrestler would you be and why? (Submitted by Johnny via Facebook)
We seem to have a lot of wrestling fans who listen in. Poor J-bo doesn’t know many wrestlers but manages to choose one, and the debate falls on a pro wrestler who has since become a porn star!

Stan tells a tale of a man and his love for a blow job. This story also covers how unusual girls can be!
#3 – So how would you describe yourself in three words? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh was as fast as flies around poop with this one, J-Bo stuns and insults the Guv to a point where the show almost came to an end! Also J-Bo’s life was at risk!

#4 – If you had to have sex with an animal, what and why? (Submitted by Johnny via Facebook)
After the frosty finish from the last subject, the guys can’t get over how many sex questions they seem to get thrown their way. All the guys actually make a choice. What would yours be?

#5 – The majesty of penguins (Submitted by Chris via Facebook)
Quite the change from the previous topic!

#6 – Do your best Sly Stallone impression! Even the Guv! (Submitted by Olivia via Email)
It’s funny how famous Sly is, yet the crew can only think of one phrase! So Ashbosh takes to Youtube to find the best Sly Stallone one liner video before the crew do their own impression!

As the show wraps up the guys seem to fall into talking about a youtuber the cast love to watch all the time before they record! His name is dogsandwolves. Here is a video! Enjoy!

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Stashcast 17 – CAKE FARTS – Show Notes

Quite an odd start to this episode as the crew had a false start before finally recording so the Guv was struggling not to laugh at the start of the show. After the familiarities are out of the way, Minimosh pulls the first topic out of the beloved Stashbox.

#1 – What do you think of when you think of a Dolphin? *BLOWHOLE!* (Submitted by Anth via Facebook)
Well this is an interesting topic! After Ashbosh explains why this subject had been submitted by Anth, Minimosh offers a game idea which is vetoed by the crew. Somehow the intro of Flipper is played and discussed.

#2 – If you could be fluent in any Language without having to learn, what would the language be? (Submitted by Liam)
J-Bo instantly knows what he would do, Stan is quiet on this one, Ashbosh looks for a lesser used language as his preferred choice

#3 – Name one food you couldn’t live without (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo and Stan are united instantly on their choice, as Ashbosh doesn’t have any food he really dislikes it takes him alot longer to choose. An argument somehow breaks out over Stan and J-Bo’s choice as the Guv isn’t happy with them.

#4 – If you could have a servant come to your house everyday for an hour, what would you have them do? (Submitted by James)
Stan goes blue! Ashbosh seems to be an advocate for midget abuse. J-Bo takes a more laid back approach to the topic.

#5 – Cake Farts (Submitted by Steve via Facebook)
Wow, what is to say about this! Hear the crews reaction as none of them have seen this before! So click HERE to see the video. WARNING! You can’t unsee this!

#6 – In 40 seconds make the crew say as many slang words for the male reproductive organ, keep a tally! (Submitted by Nigel from Durham)
You would think this would have been easy for the crew, but they seem to make it harder than it is! It seems to take a lifetime to organise the clock and get the ball rolling! See if you can think of anymore names for it yourself!

This story is about one of Stan’s friends who got more than he bargained for in Amsterdam, the story features a BJ and a skateboard!!!!

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Stan’s Charity Challenge

Our very own Stan has decided, as he is such a nice guy, to raise money for charity while losing weight… but here is where we need you!

Stan is undecided to which charity he would like to raise money for and would love for you to vote to help decide!

Closing date for votes will end on 18th September so make sure you get voting. We will put a link up for the fundraising page once a charity is selected incase people want to help motivate Stan by donating to charity!

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Stashcast 15 – Elton John and the Merkin – Show Notes

As Ashbosh does the usual introductions, he is joined by his wing man Stan, J-bo and the Guv. As they await their Indian meal they waste no time in getting the first topic pulled out from the Stashbox.

#1 – What are your thoughts on Father Ted? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan is very enthusiastic about this topic. J-bo hasn’t seen it in years so Ashbosh and Stan describe some of their favorite bits. THIS COULD BE A SPOILER FOR SOME!

#2 – Would you rather be f****d by Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter (Submitted by Stu via Facebook)
Not much of a enjoyable question! So the crew discuss how to make the best out of a bad situation. However, the boys do pick one each…. *shudders*

#3 – All children are infected with cancer. Unless you give a blow job to either Elton John or Cliff Richard (Submitted by Rach via E-mail)
What is with our listeners? This is a filthy subject, and on the back of the last one it really makes the boys wonder what our listeners think of us! Stan makes a serious choice based on who would have the smallest load. After debating the terms on the fellatio, the guys make their choices.
After discussing this topic, conversation leads off to pubic wigs. Ashbosh gets the name right as they are known as merkins. As the Bosh does a search on Google for it, he stumbles across some crazy photos he feels must make it onto these very show notes! Enjoy!
J-bo thinks everyone should search Merkin. Here’s another chestnut Ashbosh found!

#4 – Some. Definition? Does it mean more than One? (Submitted by J-bo)
J-bo desribes why this has been put in. It causes an unusual debate of how different people perceive certain words. What it turns out to be was a disagreement between J-bo and the Guv’nor!

#5 – I think Peter Kay is hot because he is funny. Discuss… (Submitted by Clare)
Ashbosh has wants the boys to tell him he is sexy because he is funny. the Guv does not agree with Clare, but does agree that Ashboh is sexy. Stan then moves onto telling a funny tale involving a straw and Stans ear…somehow…

#6 – How long is too long to stare at someone in the eyes? (Not a close friend or Partner) (Submitted by Ads)
This is a subject that Ash knows about. He knows the offender in which this question was submitted. Stan mentions interviews and J-bo mentions automobile stare outs.

Just before the Guv can read the next card, Ashbosh wants to discuss something which winds him up. We’ll let the below image say everything!

#7 – If you were a plague, what symptoms would you have? (Submitted by Lou via Facebook)
What a cool question! Stan instantly knows his first symptom. But you know with this lot that we are going to have some crazy ideas!

Stan has a poop related story this week when he was in a public place. Is there anything worse?! You’ll never guess what he does with the evidence!

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Stashcast 14 – The Hour Long Episode – Show Notes

After Ashbosh welcomes the regular crew back, Stan is a little miffed off after a little prank by the bosh himself. Remember to download the show to hear the full story, for the Stashers who have, please enjoy the below photo….


We also have made it to the New & Noteworthy page on iTunes! Take a look at this!made_it

#1 – Conspiracy theories, fact or anorak bullsh*t? (Submitted by Martin via Facebook)
J-Bo is a believer. Ashbosh enjoys them and Stan does not but as with most subjects there is no straight answer from all three men!

#2 – Finger up your arse, or a full blown kick to the bollocks? (Submitted by Liam via Facebook)
Somehow the boys choose very easily, and J-Bo gets onto the conversation of enlarged body parts, so enjoy the unusual photo below of someone’s feet.
#3 – What would be the punishment be that you would give to the England football team for the poor performance at the World Cup 2014? (Submitted by Claire)
All the guys seem to be upset that professional football players actually get paid to play for their Country. Stan knows his punishment and it’s a good one!

#4 – On a Samsung Phone, Say “Okay Google, WANK” (Submitted by Elliot from Harrow)
So Stan decides he wants to search for something else. Afterwards the boys do this simple task and it leads them to an unusual place!
google-ebook#5 – Part 1: Is Bromance Real? Part 2: Are men more trustworthy than Women? (Submitted by Jacob via Email)
Wow! Well done Jacob, the boys should need to approach this subject as if they were on a knife edge. But then again you know what these lot are like and they can never behave!

#6 – What would be your Jim’ll Fix It moment? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
As the older members of the crew actually remember the show they discuss parts they can remember. It’s hard not to mention what’s happened since Jim passed… Can the boys manage it?

This installment of Stan’s Story of the week is all about Stan’s scent after a heavy meat filled Canadien diet!

We go off topic after this for the rest of the show! You cannot imagine how, but we end up watching a dog play football with a Turtle! See the below video!

We also get onto Sam Sadler off youtube! Stan wants him on the show!

Just before the show ends the crew discuss how the Guv’nor looks like Tina Barrett from S Club 7! See for yourself, incase it’s impossible to tell, the Guv is on the left!


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Stashcast 13 – Ghosts, Zombies and Eternal Life – Show Notes

So Ashbosh starts the show as usual and instantly messes it up. He tries to introduce the crew, which then makes the Guv mess up her words! After a fault filled start the Guv draws out the first card from the beloved “Stashbox” and reads it out aloud.

#1 – Do you believe in E.V.P as in Electronic Voice Phenomena (Submitted by Russ)
What a crazy first question! Ashbosh has watched programs on this kind of thing before, Stan is not sure sure so Ashbosh describes what EVP actually is and the boys focus shifts through all things paranormal including time slips. Stan tells a tale of how he feels he was once in the presence of a potential ghost.

#2 –  BOlieve or Rose Bud? (Submitted by Roy)
This is a pro wrestling topic. Ashbosh and Stan let J-bo know what these terms mean and J-Bo picks his favourite!
#3 – Quiche or Flan? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
J-Bo has tasted the best Quiche’s ever. Ash tells of his weird stomach…but what does Stan think?
#4 – If you have a cure for cancer, if you give that cure away you will die 24 hours later. Or you have the chance to live forever at your current age if you don’t tell anybody the cure. What would you do? (Submitted by John via Email)
J-bo wants to get this right in his mind straight away as you can see it’s quite a serious question for the Stashcast crew. Ashbosh can see the ultimate selfish benefits, but Stan has a good point about eternal youth and the debate pops up some really interesting questions

#5 – Do you have a zombie survival plan? (Submitted by Anonymous)
We love zombie related stuff at the Stashcast HQ! But do the boys have a chance at survival?

#6 – Speed or Strength? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan makes his obvious choice. J-bo and Ashbosh think more in depth about the question but this subject is called quits pretty quickly by the Guv.

#7 – IF you are one day immortalised, how would you want that to be? For example statue, memorial park, airport rename? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
Ashbosh really struggles with this one, Stan doesn’t seem bothered how he is remembered. J-bo likes a few different options and also states why he wouldn’t like some other types of memorial

Stan discusses his hatred for super spec’d cars being driven by old biddies. But as the story is told the boys go off on a tangent as per usual!

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Stashcast 12 – Banana Insertion (A tale of two tuppences) – Show Notes

Anger, despair and a whole host of other emotions are infused into the beginning of episode 12 as it’s the second time they’ve recorded the intro! A screw up, most likely Ashbosh’s fault caused them to restart the show and lost an amazing Guv’nor introduction! So after the initial round of hello’s the show starts relatively normal.

#1 – Have you ever been looking at your phone in bed then dropped it on your face? (Submitted by Alex via email)
I think the entire crew know all about this. the Guv’nor blasts Ashbosh for being a menace doing the said act. Also Stan’s missus submitted this question for the very reason that Stan does it also!

#2 – Does size matter? (Submitted by Martin)
Ouch! Stan takes no prisoners, the boys play dumb and pretend they don’t know the meaning of the question and discuss other things way size may matter!
#3 – Have you ever done anything, or said anything embarrassing the first time you met your in-laws? (Submitted by Alex via email)

Ashbosh tells of his fear of the Guv’nor’s parents, Stan also tells of how he has to approach these kinds of situations
#4 – Would you rather drink a cup of spoiled milk, or pee your pants in public? (Submitted by the Guv’nor)
Wow, this is a bad choice either way. Ashbosh tries to get a third choice of a lesser disgusting nature, but he isn’t allowed, more rules follow and the choice must be made!
#5 – Would you ever have plastic surgery? And if so…What? (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo announces the obvious “male choice’. But does that mean that the other crew members would want that?
Too-Much-Plastic-SurgeryWe have to also mention Mr. Paparazzi himself Darryn Lyons with his unreal erm… six pack?

g celebrity big brother d3 e1 210811We soon get on to the subject of cheap looking surgery. Also things to make you look different, Ashbosh likes the look the of Ab Enhancer! Pictured below.
#6 – Do real men wear Pink? (Submitted by Darron via email)
J-Bo turns the talk into things that he associates with pink, but do the boys think real men wear pink?
#7 – What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you whilst you were having sex, or about to have sex? (Submitted by Alex via email)

Stan recalls his worst moment during sex and Ashbosh shares a tale of a situation that developed when he and the Guv were younger.

So Stan once attended a sex show whilst on vacation in Amsterdam. He tells his harrowing tale of how his worst nightmare came to life in front of his very eyes!

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Episode 11 Drops Tomorrow!

Yes that’s right you heard it correct! Your weekly dose of the Stashcast will be live aroubd 03:30AM GMT! So make sure you download the show whilst eating your breakfast!

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Stashcast 10 – Billy Idol’s Toilet Etiquette – Show Notes

We start off this episode with a little celebration about reaching double figures. L2K is back to join us.

#1 – If you were a famous wrestler would what your theme music be?
We have a couple of wrestling fans within the Stashcast crew. We go a little off topic when J-Bo’s dogs scare a cat up a pole.imgID8642564

#2 – Children’s parties
How can you not like these?


#3 – Would you rather eat healthy or exercise regularly?
This has divided opinions but the guys seem to add another option. Stan gets distracted with boobs



#4 – Vince Mcmahon’s Knee Pop (Submitted by Liam)
Every wrestling fan will know what this is, but for those don’t here is a clip.

#5 – Have you had an embarrassing toilet moment – Submitted by Johnny via Facebook
The guys have some many awkward toilet moments whether it be on a train, at a festival or at work.

#6 – If you woke up as the opposite sex, how would you spend your day ?
The Guv is not impressed with the guys answers, as a female should she be surprised?
#7 – Would you wear a checkered trousers, neon yellow shirt and a rainbow coloured jacket? – Submitted by John via Email

Ashbosh asks if the guys would wear it to social events and quickly moves onto Ashbosh’s stag night wear he wears a dress and somehow manages to blame the Guv.


Stan has to name and shame his mother this week but what has she done so bad?


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Stashcast 9 – John Travolta In Space – Show Notes

Ashbosh as always gets round the introductions and introduces a special guest L2K who is here to look after the prestiged “Stash Box”.

#1 – The Smoothness of a mans neck, like sandpaper a mans neck should have a grading system (Submitted by Adam via email)
Ash gets to the explanation of the submission and we are all amazed by the meaning around the topic. Then somehow the crew get onto the subject of vegetarians!!

#2 – Crystal Palace or Leeds? (Submitted by Roy)
Stan begins by telling us of his love of Leeds and Ash tells us where his seemingly random short term support for Crystal palace came from.


#3 – ITV football (Submitted by Caz)
Stan has a very harsh opinion of ITV football, and the crew all put their own two pence into the mix, but one thing they all share probably won’t surprise you!

#4 – If you won the lotto Jackpot what would you do? (Submitted by the Guv)
J-Bo thinks he already knows what Ashbosh would do and this question is never as easy as first thought! Our crew discuss what they would do in regards to their current employment.

MjAxMi0zMmZmZGNhYjViZTcxZGE2You know it’s amazing how the boys’ discussions can go off on a tangent. They then discuss the below video….enjoy

#5 – Shit on your lip or Piss in your nose? (Submitted by Danny)
JBo makes his choices straight away but we all discuss which we’d prefer out of the 2. Ash’s choice might be surprising for some


#6 – Iron Maiden or Metallica (Submitted by James)
We all agree on one but the conversation turns to J-Bo’s hatred for multi talented celebrities


#7 – Saturday night TV over the last 30 years, what is your family’s Saturday night TV ritual (Submitted by Gareth via Twitter)
J-Bo starts of with a little explanation and we all reminisce about our old Saturday night TV memories. Ashbosh hates something about Saturday Night TV, then J-Bo tells us all about him meeting a Saturday night TV star and Stan reveals a special surprise about the classic TV show Bullseye!


Stan tells us his story of the week telling us all about some impressive Cunnilingus


#8 – Virgin Space Holiday (Submitted by L2K)
J-Bo immediately states his interest in it but it comes to light not all of us have the same views. You may be taken aback by the Guv’s choice, and Stan ends the topic with another outburst


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