Stashcast 1 – the Pilot – Show Notes

After a swift introduction from the cast we dive into our first subject…

#1 – Is it wrong to fondle someone’s Nana? (Submitted by Martin)
As you can imagine quite a talking point for the boys to muse over….

#2 – Would you rather be stupid or blind? ( Submitted by Anonymous)
As simple as this sounds, when you expose what stupid can potentially mean…. sometimes blind isn’t the worst option. Difficult subject but the boys both decide on what they feel they would rather be.

#3 – What is your most hated thing? ( Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan knows EXACTLY what he hates the most. Ash thinks it over but he hates so many things, he finds it hard to stick to just one!

#4 – Old People? ( Submitted by Anonymous)
It’s safe to say the boys have some strong words on this subject. Such a small suggestion… so much emotion!

#5 – At what point is it acceptable to allow dogs onto the premises but not heavy metal music fans? (Submitted by Adam)
This story broke out in the North East of England in a city called Newcastle. Here’s the “Diverse” photo the tavern posted after booting out people for living an alternative lifestyle the establishment didn’t find reasonable…
diverse_city_tavern#6 – Which would you rather? Bungee jump or sky dive?
Quite an easy choice for the crew this one. What would you choose?

Post topic discussions then ensued. Trying to remember adverts from when you were a small child growing up. We all thought we knew the lyrics to Toys R Us and also an old Wine Gums advert. Both are linked below so enjoy!!