Stashcast 2 – 50 Shades of Silly On – Show Notes

After the standard Ashbosh intro (bar the fact he has man flu), conversation takes a swift change into our very own glossary. Ashbosh isn’t happy with how his name is brandished with the term tuppence. Stan and Minimosh agree he is the only one who ever uses that term to describe the female reproductive organs.

As Ashbosh tries to argue, he seems to increase in anger, blaming the reason he is angry on the length of Stan’s shorts. So the Guv’nor draws the first card from the fabled Stashbox.

#1 – Bus Boners + Tram Boners? Where is the worse place for a vibration related boner? (Submitted by Adam)
Ash knows the person who submitted this topic. It happened in a place called Beamish in North East England. The boys discuss how uncomfortable it can be to be a young male on public transport who gets an uncontrollable erection.


#2 – If you could be the author of any book, who would it be? (Submitted by James)
Ashbosh instantly admits he isn’t the biggest reader in the world. Even though he has a Kindle he has been on the same book for 7 months. The Guv’nor even adds her own idea to this one. Stan knows exactly who he would be and as most people he is all about the money.


#3 – Extreme Potato Cannon? – (Submitted by Roy & Martin)
At first the boys do not even know what one is. Ashbosh loads YouTube whilst Stan tells us a story of a similar thing he thinks he has seen. The boys see an actual Extreme Potato Cannon and Ashbosh wants to build one but the Guv’nor is not having any of it!

#4 – If you could re-live 1 year, what would it be? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan takes a breath and knows his answer. Ashbosh doesn’t really know but chooses a year from his youth when he was consumed by wrestling like an ultra nerd.


#5 – Bananas, Fruit? Or Spawn on Satan? (Submitted by Martin)
This was more of a wind up question for Stan. He detests bananas, and most people think he suffers from Bananaphobia! Ashbosh wants to go and get a banana for Stan and it to become friends. Stan isn’t happy.


#6 – Kay Burley? (Submitted by the Guv’nor)
This started Ashbosh on an angry downfall. Ashbosh hates her and is public knowledge he detests her capabilities at her job, and in general life. Minimosh put this article in the Stashbox to wind up Ashbosh. It worked. TO see some reasons why Ashbosh hates Kay Burley, click HERE

Business Woman Award


#7 – It’s this big. But what is it? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh is seething with anger from the Kay Burley question and sharply turns his anger onto this question. It takes him less than 30 seconds before he has had enough of this one. Stan thinks he knows, it maybe an inside joke but Ashbosh doesn’t want to know.

#8 – What is the thing you miss the most about being a child? (Submitted by Anonymous)
This turns into both Stan and Ashbosh’s things that they used to do in their “private time” as filthy children.



DOG_FARTStan decides to talk about the odour of man’s best friends foul-smelling flatulence