Stashcast 3 – the Sweet Corn Situation – Show Notes

After the usual introductions (albeit the Guv’nor gave Ashbosh some sass) the first topic is pulled from the Stashbox and the conversation soon begin

#1 – Pamela Anderson (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan has a warped view on Pamela Anderson. Ashbosh used to find her attractive a long time ago, but as usual the topic spirals off into other subjects fairly quickly! We even get a cameo from Stan the Man’s Mammy!!
#2 – Jesus was born in a Rabbit Hutch in Billingham, England (Submitted by Anonymous)
Both the boys are shocked by the subject, but as two people who are as religious as a tree, this conversation doesn’t go on too long.
#3 – What is the Most embarrasing moment from your School years? (Submitted by John)
Ash tells a story of what can only be described as child abuse. Stan tells us a story from his past where he manages to insult the entire school!
#4 – Can you upload a picture to the Show Notes that you find embarrassing to yourselves (Submitted by Jamie)
Not even possible to discuss on the show, but here we are! Ashbosh has submitted a dodgy tash. Stan the Man has upload a food eating disaster! Minimosh has uploaded a sweaty mong faced photo.

ashthetashAshbosh: Okay, so this is horrible for one reason. That ginger ass handlebar moustache on my upper lip. We all had a joke where I used to work, that we’d all come in with a handlebar stash! So being a team player I hacked my beard off and left this thing on my face. Turns out they were taking the piss. So I had to go to work like this, and then I even kept it for a while!

stan_the_man_stashcastStan: It exploded in my hand! (The doughnut he means)

Guv’nor: Look. I’d just ran a 5k, in a black batwoman outfit, in really hot weather. I was showing off my medal and posing for some photos with my eldest son. For some reason, Ashbosh loves to keep the photos taken between blinks. So I look like i’m drugged up. I can assure you I am not and hate it when Ashbosh takes these photos of me. He always keeps the bad ones!

#5 – When does a leaflet become a pamphlet? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh is getting hacked off with the crappy questions, and Stan jumps onboard with that straight away, so the Guv’nor has no choice but to dig back into the Stashbox.

#6 – Why can horse owners get away without picking up their animals poo, yet dog owners get fined if they don’t? (Submitted by the Guv’nor)
Stan gets heated, Ashbosh can’t get past his hatred for horses, and wants to send them all to his “Old man island” from episode 1!
#7 – If you could star in one British TV Show, what would it be? (Submitted by Alan)
Ashbosh knows straight away what show he wants to be on. He has it all laid out in his head. Stan the Man doesn’t really know what he’d want to be in, but then the Guv’nor mentions something about Quantum Leap, and Ashbosh takes over!

#8 – Bruce Willis (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ash never realised Bruce actually had hair, and then the boys discuss his career, but their memories are quite sketchy.
#9 – Would you rather have an extra finger, or an extra toe? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ash likes the chance to please a woman better, so you can tell what he chooses. Stan and Ash then discuss tactics whilst down on those rude bits of a woman

#9 – Would you rather Shit yourself in public, or have visible cum stains on your trousers while at work? (Submitted by Gary)
Stan seems to be happy to have one of these choices anyway, and doesn’t even attempt to think of an excuse for it.
#10 – What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten? (Submitted by James)
This is by far the easiest question for Ashbosh so far. Stan is told he can’t choose bananas and to his frustration must choose another food! Our Stashbox keeper herself Minimosh even tries to think of a food she hates, but she can’t think. Ashbosh does that part for her instantly.

We don’t even want to really tell you what he says this week. Just listen. Disturbing.

#11 – Would you rather lick somebody else’s armpit, or have someone lick yours? (Submitted by Anonymous)
This is a weird subject, and draws a good debate between the guys, somehow!
#11 You are having sex, with a woman. When she asks you to perform anal. As you go for the bum, you notice a small nugget of sweetcorn. Do you do it? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan tries to get the Guv’nor to respond first. Which she swerves the question like a politician. This is a tough question for the boys, and neither fancy having to make this choice in real life!

Think you have better suggestion? Then you can submit anything to us and one day it will pop out of the Stashbox for the crew to discuss! you can find all the ways to submit ideas to us on our social media page HERE