Stashcast 5 – Kettlebell Catastrophe – Show Notes

After Ashbosh gets the usual formalities out of the way, the show can begin. Our guest keeper of the Stashbox Jamie, otherwise known as J-Bo then pulls the first topic out for the boys to begin the discussion!

#1 – If you could be a member of any band, who would you choose? (Submitted by Anonymous)
This is a great topic to start off with as all the crew love music! After a good debate, the boys finally commit to who they would want to be in a band with!

#2 – Do you have any fantasies (Submitted by Claire)
Well this is a funny subject! Neither man in the crew seems to have one that sticks out in their mind, so they create their own. Stan decides he not only wants his, but he wants to jump into Ashbosh’s as well.
#3 – Would you rather be rich and ugly, or poor and good looking? Plastic surgery is not allowed! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh seems to have mulled this one over and knows his answer already. Like he’s thought about this before. Stan also seems sure.
#4 – Tell me what you think about me! (Submitted by Bash)
Bash is a fan and friend of the show. Ashbosh and Stan both don’t really get the question. Is it about Bash? Or about each other. They try to compliment J-Bo, but they don’t really do a good job!
#5 – What would you do, if you gave half a bottle of wine to someone you have just met? (Submitted by Adam)
A horrible situation to find yourself in. Socially awkward moment. Would they think you are cheap? Would they not care? This is the debate!
#6 – Would you like to be the best shag in the world, or be able to shag anyone in the world, but you would be a really sh*t shag?
(Submitted by John via Email)
Wow! What a toughie! Could you imagine being given the choice? Well… the crew have to make that choice!
Another tale of woe by Stan the Man! This time he almost knocks himself out cold! Two different times! What a silly sausage!