Stashcast 6 – Assasin’s and Shellsuits – Show Notes

So the podcast begins in the normal way, however this episode sees Ashbosh unveil Jamie, now named J-Bomb as our newest member to the show! Full time too! The lucky devil. He was promoted by the Guv’nor so no one questioned it. After a quick hello from each member we delve into the “oh so familiar” Stashbox for our first topic of the week!

#1 – Boobies or bum? (Submitted by Grayson)
INSTANTLY ANSWERED! Ain’t no hard choice for these men! Then we learn all about Butterfaces.
#2 – Recycling (Submitted by Anonymous)
We at the Stashcast believe whole heartedly in recycling. Don’t be a dick and RECYCLE!
#3 – Most annoying habit! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh declares he has no annoying habits. Stan thinks he has a few. So the Guv’nor thinks she knows one that Ash hates, and she is correct! Stan plays the good guy card, and J-Bomb knows exactly what pisses people off about him!
#4 – Favorite fashion piece from the 90’s! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh used to sport a shellsuit, and the crew laugh about all the old sh*te they used to wear in their youth!
shell-suitsSo after a bit of banter Stan tells a story of his Mother who used to go to school with an actual contract killer! Or an Assasin if you will! Proper North Yorkshire NINJA!
#5 – Religion (Submitted by Anonymous)
We all know Stan can’t keep his mouth shut about religion! So he begins to correct the worlds failures. Ashbosh can only grimace when Stan talks, however J-Bomb finds it hilarious.
#6 – Best guitarist ever!! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Who on Earth could answer this?!! Only the Stashcast crew could!
#7 – Marmite. Yes or No?! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Mixed reaction here. We can’t actually believe this started a good conversation off. You may also learn something!
#8 – Magical Bike Ride (Submitted by Steve)
So no one at the show has seen it. But the Guv’nor advises as she is a social media guru for the Stashcast, that this has been asked about several times. So below is the link…. enjoy?!

#9 – Wearable Tech (Submitted by J-Bo)
So J-Bo talks about what he has as wearable technology. But Jamie also mentions good examples like Google Glass. But remember…. Stan and Ashbosh are also in the conversation.
#10 РPokémon (Submitted by Gary A)
Ashbosh loves it. Stan used too, but not so much anymore. So Ashbosh decided singing the theme tune is a great idea….