Stashcast 7 – The Leg Loss Dilemma – Show Notes

The Guv is back as keeper of the Stashbox which means the newly promoted J-Bomb is giving us his opinion along side Stan the Man and Ashbosh. As always the introduction includes comments on the crews love for chinese food.

#1 – Would you rather take a bite out of an alligator which has been left in the sun for 3 weeks or be ass raped by Hulk Hogan (Submitted by Anne via Facebook)
As always Sleazy Stan quickly tell everyone about the Hulk Hogan sex tape…but does anyone want to take on the Hulkster?


#2 – What is it that you really want? (Submitted by Clare via Facebook)
Stan quickly answers, but this causes the Guv to press the bell instantly. Ashbosh’s answer is not what you would expect.

#3 – Would you rather be really hairy or completely bald ? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Everyone knows what Ashbosh would pick but things quickly go off topic which leads to the Guv laying down the law!


#4 – Superman or Batman (Submitted by James)
Everyone knows who they prefer although this quickly gets heated. Google is needed to settle the disagreement but who was right?


#5 – Spongebob Squarepants (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan is first off the mark before the Guv could finish reading the card. Things quickly go off topic to other teenage programs from the crews youth.


#6 – Nintendo (Submitted by Anonymous)
The guys are divided when it comes to Nintendo but that doesn’t stop them remembering the games from their youth.


#7 – If you could survive on any planet, which would you choose? (Submitted by Anonymous)
This instantly started a debate about whether or not Pluto is a planet. Ash is not impressed with the decision to downgrade Pluto.  Stan and J-Bomb don’t even want to answer the question


#8 – Kurt Cobain (Submitted by the Guv’nor)
Stan addresses this question with his usual “tact”. Some of the crew don’t believe his music was great. So the discussion begins
Singer Kurt Cobain Spitting Water
#9 -Would you sell your legs for £5,000,000? (Submitted by Anonymous)
This is a silly question for most people. But, when you have kids, things change. So we have a difference of opinion amongst the crew with this subject.
#10 – Roller Coasters (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan and Ashbosh love them but J-Bo isn’t so sure about it all. Florida seems to be a favorite place for the crew to go onto rides like pictured below.