Stashcast 9 – John Travolta In Space – Show Notes

Ashbosh as always gets round the introductions and introduces a special guest L2K who is here to look after the prestiged “Stash Box”.

#1 – The Smoothness of a mans neck, like sandpaper a mans neck should have a grading system (Submitted by Adam via email)
Ash gets to the explanation of the submission and we are all amazed by the meaning around the topic. Then somehow the crew get onto the subject of vegetarians!!

#2 – Crystal Palace or Leeds? (Submitted by Roy)
Stan begins by telling us of his love of Leeds and Ash tells us where his seemingly random short term support for Crystal palace came from.


#3 – ITV football (Submitted by Caz)
Stan has a very harsh opinion of ITV football, and the crew all put their own two pence into the mix, but one thing they all share probably won’t surprise you!

#4 – If you won the lotto Jackpot what would you do? (Submitted by the Guv)
J-Bo thinks he already knows what Ashbosh would do and this question is never as easy as first thought! Our crew discuss what they would do in regards to their current employment.

MjAxMi0zMmZmZGNhYjViZTcxZGE2You know it’s amazing how the boys’ discussions can go off on a tangent. They then discuss the below video….enjoy

#5 – Shit on your lip or Piss in your nose? (Submitted by Danny)
JBo makes his choices straight away but we all discuss which we’d prefer out of the 2. Ash’s choice might be surprising for some


#6 – Iron Maiden or Metallica (Submitted by James)
We all agree on one but the conversation turns to J-Bo’s hatred for multi talented celebrities


#7 – Saturday night TV over the last 30 years, what is your family’s┬áSaturday night TV ritual (Submitted by Gareth via Twitter)
J-Bo starts of with a little explanation and we all reminisce about our old Saturday night TV memories. Ashbosh hates something about Saturday Night TV, then J-Bo tells us all about him meeting a Saturday night TV star and Stan reveals a special surprise about the classic TV show Bullseye!


Stan tells us his story of the week telling us all about some impressive Cunnilingus


#8 – Virgin Space Holiday (Submitted by L2K)
J-Bo immediately states his interest in it but it comes to light not all of us have the same views. You may be taken aback by the Guv’s choice, and Stan ends the topic with another outburst