Stashcast 10 – Billy Idol’s Toilet Etiquette – Show Notes

We start off this episode with a little celebration about reaching double figures. L2K is back to join us.

#1 – If you were a famous wrestler would what your theme music be?
We have a couple of wrestling fans within the Stashcast crew. We go a little off topic when J-Bo’s dogs scare a cat up a pole.imgID8642564

#2 – Children’s parties
How can you not like these?


#3 – Would you rather eat healthy or exercise regularly?
This has divided opinions but the guys seem to add another option. Stan gets distracted with boobs



#4 – Vince Mcmahon’s Knee Pop (Submitted by Liam)
Every wrestling fan will know what this is, but for those don’t here is a clip.

#5 – Have you had an embarrassing toilet moment – Submitted by Johnny via Facebook
The guys have some many awkward toilet moments whether it be on a train, at a festival or at work.

#6 – If you woke up as the opposite sex, how would you spend your day ?
The Guv is not impressed with the guys answers, as a female should she be surprised?
#7 – Would you wear a checkered trousers, neon yellow shirt and a rainbow coloured jacket? – Submitted by John via Email

Ashbosh asks if the guys would wear it to social events and quickly moves onto Ashbosh’s stag night wear he wears a dress and somehow manages to blame the Guv.


Stan has to name and shame his mother this week but what has she done so bad?