Stashcast 11 – Derek Acorah with Y Fronts – Show Notes

Ashbosh gets the show underway and introduces Stan, who talks about Nando’s. Ashbosh states Portugal smells like Nando’s hot sauce and a story of how Stan bought Ashbosh and the Guv a penis shaped gravy jug. After some more mindless babble the first card is pulled from the beloved stashbox.

#1 – Is it morally wrong to make morning after French toast for the lucky lady when you have had a one night stand? See Urban Dictionary for definition (Submitted by Michael via Facebook)
This one managed to throw the guys off a little bit as they were unaware of the term. Once looked up it means to f*ck. Ashbosh seems to think a wash is in order before, J-Bo isn’t up for it. Somehow Ashbosh’s Veet habits get mentioned and Stan talks about his penis.

#2 –