Stashcast 12 – Banana Insertion (A tale of two tuppences) – Show Notes

Anger, despair and a whole host of other emotions are infused into the beginning of episode 12 as it’s the second time they’ve recorded the intro! A screw up, most likely Ashbosh’s fault caused them to restart the show and lost an amazing Guv’nor introduction! So after the initial round of hello’s the show starts relatively normal.

#1 – Have you ever been looking at your phone in bed then dropped it on your face? (Submitted by Alex via email)
I think the entire crew know all about this. the Guv’nor blasts Ashbosh for being a menace doing the said act. Also Stan’s missus submitted this question for the very reason that Stan does it also!

#2 – Does size matter? (Submitted by Martin)
Ouch! Stan takes no prisoners, the boys play dumb and pretend they don’t know the meaning of the question and discuss other things way size may matter!
#3 – Have you ever done anything, or said anything embarrassing the first time you met your in-laws? (Submitted by Alex via email)

Ashbosh tells of his fear of the Guv’nor’s parents, Stan also tells of how he has to approach these kinds of situations
#4 – Would you rather drink a cup of spoiled milk, or pee your pants in public? (Submitted by the Guv’nor)
Wow, this is a bad choice either way. Ashbosh tries to get a third choice of a lesser disgusting nature, but he isn’t allowed, more rules follow and the choice must be made!
#5 – Would you ever have plastic surgery? And if so…What? (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo announces the obvious “male choice’. But does that mean that the other crew members would want that?
Too-Much-Plastic-SurgeryWe have to also mention Mr. Paparazzi himself Darryn Lyons with his unreal erm… six pack?

g celebrity big brother d3 e1 210811We soon get on to the subject of cheap looking surgery. Also things to make you look different, Ashbosh likes the look the of Ab Enhancer! Pictured below.
#6 – Do real men wear Pink? (Submitted by Darron via email)
J-Bo turns the talk into things that he associates with pink, but do the boys think real men wear pink?
#7 – What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you whilst you were having sex, or about to have sex? (Submitted by Alex via email)

Stan recalls his worst moment during sex and Ashbosh shares a tale of a situation that developed when he and the Guv were younger.

So Stan once attended a sex show whilst on vacation in Amsterdam. He tells his harrowing tale of how his worst nightmare came to life in front of his very eyes!