Stashcast 13 – Ghosts, Zombies and Eternal Life – Show Notes

So Ashbosh starts the show as usual and instantly messes it up. He tries to introduce the crew, which then makes the Guv mess up her words! After a fault filled start the Guv draws out the first card from the beloved “Stashbox” and reads it out aloud.

#1 – Do you believe in E.V.P as in Electronic Voice Phenomena (Submitted by Russ)
What a crazy first question! Ashbosh has watched programs on this kind of thing before, Stan is not sure sure so Ashbosh describes what EVP actually is and the boys focus shifts through all things paranormal including time slips. Stan tells a tale of how he feels he was once in the presence of a potential ghost.

#2 –  BOlieve or Rose Bud? (Submitted by Roy)
This is a pro wrestling topic. Ashbosh and Stan let J-bo know what these terms mean and J-Bo picks his favourite!
#3 – Quiche or Flan? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
J-Bo has tasted the best Quiche’s ever. Ash tells of his weird stomach…but what does Stan think?
#4 – If you have a cure for cancer, if you give that cure away you will die 24 hours later. Or you have the chance to live forever at your current age if you don’t tell anybody the cure. What would you do? (Submitted by John via Email)
J-bo wants to get this right in his mind straight away as you can see it’s quite a serious question for the Stashcast crew. Ashbosh can see the ultimate selfish benefits, but Stan has a good point about eternal youth and the debate pops up some really interesting questions

#5 – Do you have a zombie survival plan? (Submitted by Anonymous)
We love zombie related stuff at the Stashcast HQ! But do the boys have a chance at survival?

#6 – Speed or Strength? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan makes his obvious choice. J-bo and Ashbosh think more in depth about the question but this subject is called quits pretty quickly by the Guv.

#7 – IF you are one day immortalised, how would you want that to be? For example statue, memorial park, airport rename? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
Ashbosh really struggles with this one, Stan doesn’t seem bothered how he is remembered. J-bo likes a few different options and also states why he wouldn’t like some other types of memorial

Stan discusses his hatred for super spec’d cars being driven by old biddies. But as the story is told the boys go off on a tangent as per usual!