Stashcast 14 – The Hour Long Episode – Show Notes

After Ashbosh welcomes the regular crew back, Stan is a little miffed off after a little prank by the bosh himself. Remember to download the show to hear the full story, for the Stashers who have, please enjoy the below photo….


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#1 – Conspiracy theories, fact or anorak bullsh*t? (Submitted by Martin via Facebook)
J-Bo is a believer. Ashbosh enjoys them and Stan does not but as with most subjects there is no straight answer from all three men!

#2 – Finger up your arse, or a full blown kick to the bollocks? (Submitted by Liam via Facebook)
Somehow the boys choose very easily, and J-Bo gets onto the conversation of enlarged body parts, so enjoy the unusual photo below of someone’s feet.
#3 – What would be the punishment be that you would give to the England football team for the poor performance at the World Cup 2014? (Submitted by Claire)
All the guys seem to be upset that professional football players actually get paid to play for their Country. Stan knows his punishment and it’s a good one!

#4 – On a Samsung Phone, Say “Okay Google, WANK” (Submitted by Elliot from Harrow)
So Stan decides he wants to search for something else. Afterwards the boys do this simple task and it leads them to an unusual place!
google-ebook#5 – Part 1: Is Bromance Real? Part 2: Are men more trustworthy than Women? (Submitted by Jacob via Email)
Wow! Well done Jacob, the boys should need to approach this subject as if they were on a knife edge. But then again you know what these lot are like and they can never behave!

#6 – What would be your Jim’ll Fix It moment? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
As the older members of the crew actually remember the show they discuss parts they can remember. It’s hard not to mention what’s happened since Jim passed… Can the boys manage it?

This installment of Stan’s Story of the week is all about Stan’s scent after a heavy meat filled Canadien diet!

We go off topic after this for the rest of the show! You cannot imagine how, but we end up watching a dog play football with a Turtle! See the below video!

We also get onto Sam Sadler off youtube! Stan wants him on the show!

Just before the show ends the crew discuss how the Guv’nor looks like Tina Barrett from S Club 7! See for yourself, incase it’s impossible to tell, the Guv is on the left!