Stashcast 15 – Elton John and the Merkin – Show Notes

As Ashbosh does the usual introductions, he is joined by his wing man Stan, J-bo and the Guv. As they await their Indian meal they waste no time in getting the first topic pulled out from the Stashbox.

#1 – What are your thoughts on Father Ted? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan is very enthusiastic about this topic. J-bo hasn’t seen it in years so Ashbosh and Stan describe some of their favorite bits. THIS COULD BE A SPOILER FOR SOME!

#2 – Would you rather be f****d by Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter (Submitted by Stu via Facebook)
Not much of a enjoyable question! So the crew discuss how to make the best out of a bad situation. However, the boys do pick one each…. *shudders*

#3 – All children are infected with cancer. Unless you give a blow job to either Elton John or Cliff Richard (Submitted by Rach via E-mail)
What is with our listeners? This is a filthy subject, and on the back of the last one it really makes the boys wonder what our listeners think of us! Stan makes a serious choice based on who would have the smallest load. After debating the terms on the fellatio, the guys make their choices.
After discussing this topic, conversation leads off to pubic wigs. Ashbosh gets the name right as they are known as merkins. As the Bosh does a search on Google for it, he stumbles across some crazy photos he feels must make it onto these very show notes! Enjoy!
J-bo thinks everyone should search Merkin. Here’s another chestnut Ashbosh found!

#4 – Some. Definition? Does it mean more than One? (Submitted by J-bo)
J-bo desribes why this has been put in. It causes an unusual debate of how different people perceive certain words. What it turns out to be was a disagreement between J-bo and the Guv’nor!

#5 – I think Peter Kay is hot because he is funny. Discuss… (Submitted by Clare)
Ashbosh has wants the boys to tell him he is sexy because he is funny. the Guv does not agree with Clare, but does agree that Ashboh is sexy. Stan then moves onto telling a funny tale involving a straw and Stans ear…somehow…

#6 – How long is too long to stare at someone in the eyes? (Not a close friend or Partner) (Submitted by Ads)
This is a subject that Ash knows about. He knows the offender in which this question was submitted. Stan mentions interviews and J-bo mentions automobile stare outs.

Just before the Guv can read the next card, Ashbosh wants to discuss something which winds him up. We’ll let the below image say everything!

#7 – If you were a plague, what symptoms would you have? (Submitted by Lou via Facebook)
What a cool question! Stan instantly knows his first symptom. But you know with this lot that we are going to have some crazy ideas!

Stan has a poop related story this week when he was in a public place. Is there anything worse?! You’ll never guess what he does with the evidence!