Stashcast 16 – Kelly Brook or a Shawarma?

Hello everyone this is Ashbosh. Apologies for having uploaded these show notes month’s late. Seems you can’t rely on your counter parts to do the work! I have amended the release date so it should show as released on the 15th September 2014, even though we have only managed to complete them mid October! Enough of my whinging… let the show notes begin!!!

This week’s episode starts off as usual with a quick recap about the food the guys have just eaten, things quickly move on with a mention of ring sting!

#1 – If you had to sell out and do an advert, what would you advertise? (Submitted by Liam)
The guys quickly give us some examples of famous celebs who have sold out for all sorts of crazy things. Ashbosh has a deep detest for adverts and celebrities on them, hence why our occasional guest L2K submitted this question.


#2 – Noel Edmonds (Submitted by Anonymous)
One of the guys grandmother’s often cries when it comes to innocent old Noel…but not everyone is a fan!
#3 – Do you know any unusual facts about a Celebrity? (Submitted by Ted via Email)
Stan knows an unusual fact about a snooker player, which also unlocks a story the Guv has about the same snooker professional!
After they discuss celeb facts, somehow the talk again falls onto kids TV shows they remember when young. Bodger and Badger popped up, Stan being Stan and having no volume control he bellows out random words from the show which will confuse nearly all of you. So enjoy the theme song to the show we used to watch when we were very young.

#4 – Would you rather eat Shawarma or Kelly Brook? (Submitted by @gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Ashbosh wants clarification on if he is single as he knows what he answers here will be scrutinized by the Guv’nor. This one is an easy question, but with these lot an answer is never straight forward!

#5 –¬†Queue Jumpers (Submitted by Anonymous)
No one likes queue jumpers do they! Or do they?!

#6 – What’s the least amount of butter needed to Satay a Goat? (Submitted by the Prince of Darkness)
Wow! No one expected a question like this. Serious goat cooking discussions begin!

#7 – If a child is fat, is it child abuse? (Submitted by Liam)
Some seem to think that it is child abuse. But not all the cast agree, you’d be surprised who is not a fan of labeling this child abuse! Ashbosh creates a good idea with the help of J-Bo to weigh people before being allowed food in fast food chains.

#8 – Have you ever won something in a prize draw competition? (Submitted by Owen via Email)
Ashbosh can’t wait to force the Guv’nor to tell us all the story of her epic competition win! Ashbosh has also won a competition, his prize was superior to that of poor Minimosh. BUT! Surely it’s not about the prize, it’s about the addiction of winning?
Our crew get onto discussing all sorts of competitions. Minimosh has a sign that her farther made for her and her son Travis who completed the race for life 2014. But we have lost the sign so cannot take a photo of it for the show notes! Our apologies!

Stan’s story is about a friend and him on the lash, and this story is about how drunk men can get and the antics they get upto.