Stashcast 17 – CAKE FARTS – Show Notes

Quite an odd start to this episode as the crew had a false start before finally recording so the Guv was struggling not to laugh at the start of the show. After the familiarities are out of the way, Minimosh pulls the first topic out of the beloved Stashbox.

#1 – What do you think of when you think of a Dolphin? *BLOWHOLE!* (Submitted by Anth via Facebook)
Well this is an interesting topic! After Ashbosh explains why this subject had been submitted by Anth, Minimosh offers a game idea which is vetoed by the crew. Somehow the intro of Flipper is played and discussed.

#2 – If you could be fluent in any Language without having to learn, what would the language be? (Submitted by Liam)
J-Bo instantly knows what he would do, Stan is quiet on this one, Ashbosh looks for a lesser used language as his preferred choice

#3 – Name one food you couldn’t live without (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo and Stan are united instantly on their choice, as Ashbosh doesn’t have any food he really dislikes it takes him alot longer to choose. An argument somehow breaks out over Stan and J-Bo’s choice as the Guv isn’t happy with them.

#4 – If you could have a servant come to your house everyday for an hour, what would you have them do? (Submitted by James)
Stan goes blue! Ashbosh seems to be an advocate for midget abuse. J-Bo takes a more laid back approach to the topic.

#5 – Cake Farts (Submitted by Steve via Facebook)
Wow, what is to say about this! Hear the crews reaction as none of them have seen this before! So click HERE to see the video. WARNING! You can’t unsee this!

#6 – In 40 seconds make the crew say as many slang words for the male reproductive organ, keep a tally! (Submitted by Nigel from Durham)
You would think this would have been easy for the crew, but they seem to make it harder than it is! It seems to take a lifetime to organise the clock and get the ball rolling! See if you can think of anymore names for it yourself!

This story is about one of Stan’s friends who got more than he bargained for in Amsterdam, the story features a BJ and a skateboard!!!!