Stashcast 18 – Sly Stallone One Liners! – Show Notes

Episode 18 starts with the crew not being able to get the image of Cake Farts out of their head. After the standard introductions and a discussion on if the cake was indeed eaten, the Guv grabs the first topic from the Stashbox for the show to officially begin.

#1 – Would you spend the night away from your partner, to have sex with another person for money? How much would it cost? Would you let your partner do the same? (Submitted by John via e-mail)
Stan likens this question to a film, all the crew have a moral choice to make on this question. Some of the crew try and push Ashbosh to change his answer, but does he?

#2 – Which professional wrestler would you be and why? (Submitted by Johnny via Facebook)
We seem to have a lot of wrestling fans who listen in. Poor J-bo doesn’t know many wrestlers but manages to choose one, and the debate falls on a pro wrestler who has since become a porn star!

Stan tells a tale of a man and his love for a blow job. This story also covers how unusual girls can be!
#3 – So how would you describe yourself in three words? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh was as fast as flies around poop with this one, J-Bo stuns and insults the Guv to a point where the show almost came to an end! Also J-Bo’s life was at risk!

#4 – If you had to have sex with an animal, what and why? (Submitted by Johnny via Facebook)
After the frosty finish from the last subject, the guys can’t get over how many sex questions they seem to get thrown their way. All the guys actually make a choice. What would yours be?

#5 – The majesty of penguins (Submitted by Chris via Facebook)
Quite the change from the previous topic!

#6 – Do your best Sly Stallone impression! Even the Guv! (Submitted by Olivia via Email)
It’s funny how famous Sly is, yet the crew can only think of one phrase! So Ashbosh takes to Youtube to find the best Sly Stallone one liner video before the crew do their own impression!

As the show wraps up the guys seem to fall into talking about a youtuber the cast love to watch all the time before they record! His name is dogsandwolves. Here is a video! Enjoy!