Stashcast 19 – Deadly Sins and Broken Bones – Show Notes

Ashbosh welcomes the Stashers to Episode 19 as usual. After a polite bit of banter, and the mention of the dreaded Cake Fart saga of episode 17, Minimosh pulls out the first card.

#1 – Are you truly an expert after watching a documentary? (Submitted by Adam)
Interesting question, as this has so many factors to consider. A serious discussion, but Ashbosh knows where this question came from and explains it to the crew.
You know how the Stashcast Crew role… It’s not long before the discussion goes well off course, so they end up discussing this little chestnut from many years ago!

Now the show takes an 80’s cartoon spin, so the crew end up watching the theme to the Shoe People as Ashbosh put it on!

#2 – Best person out on the drink? (Submitted by Anonymous)
After the Guv sets some rules the boys discuss who it could possibly be. Ashbosh thinks he knows who he would choose, but does everyone else agree? Stan makes a crazy choice too, but it was only in jest!

#3 – What is your favorite Deadly Sin? (Submitted by James)
Ashbosh has no idea what the deadly sins actually are. Stan and J-Bo know about them and enjoyed the film Se7en. Everyone has to pick their own favorite, but J-Bo takes a while to get his own sorted

#4 – What would you rather fight? One horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses? (Submitted by Michael)
Choosing one choice here is a tough one. Both would probably lead to death! But what do the boys choose?

#5 – If you could create your own political party. What would it be called and what policies would you have? (Submitted by Clare via Facebook)
Stan wants to start this topic. So Ashbosh and J-Bo begin to apologise for what Stan will probably say. He tries to take an adult approach….but can Stan actually pull that off?

#6 – Could you take Ronda Rousey in a cage fight? (Submitted by Josie)
J-Bo didn’t know who Ronda is until Ashbosh shows the crew a video where Ronda takes on fellow martial artist Meisha Tate in a title match. If you would like to see the video you can find it below. But all three guys agree that Ronda is a beautiful deadly woman. But does anyone think they can go toe to toe with the UFC Champion?
Here is the video of Rousey’s very impressive arm bar skills. This is graphic so anyone who is a bit pathetic about broken limbs, steer clear!

This week is a story of possible food poisoning over the English tradition of mint sauce with Lamb. Shawarma makes an appearance again as it is the crews favorite food at the minute. Also this prompts a tale from Ashbosh which features the Stashcast’s occasional guest L2K.