Stashcast 20 – Stan and His Scabby Scrote – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts with a little debate about pooing and whether or not men have pelvic floor muscles. After all the crew are introduced and present, the keeper of the sacred Stashbox (the Guv) draws the first topic out for discussion!

#1 – Who would win out of a 3 way rumble out of Firthmoor, Redhall and Branksome estate? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
The Guv thinks this question would have been more relevant in the 90’s. The guys think this question is about the rival schools. This subject only really works if you are from the town the boys record in! So this subject was over fairly quickly.

#2 – If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go? (Submitted by James B)
Stan wants to Teabag a world leader.. but which one? This quickly escalates into an epic story about Stan balls which makes The Guv cry!

#3 – Would you rather help me to help you, or not co-operate? (Submitted by Anonymous)
The guys are quite confused about what this actually means, The Guv can offer no suggestion so the crew dust themselves off and a new subject is drawn from the beloved Stashbox.

#4 – Ladyboys? Only gay if the balls touch? (Submitted by Steve)
J-Bo gives the guys a funny story about an old lady and some Ladyboys. Stan gives a good insight into his answer. What do you think?

#5 – Do you think it is acceptable to skive off work to play a video game? If so how long? (Submitted by Alex via email)
Stan is a good guy and only books holiday but what does Ash and J-Bo think? Are any of the guys guilty? Also the guys want to re-write the maternity sickness law before giving their answers to the question.

#6 – What car would you buy with a million pounds? (Submitted by Anon)
Stan is so fast off the mark no-one could even decifer what he says! J-Bo has recently purchased a new car which starts off a discussion about a unique North East truck club. The Guv and Ashbosh want to go back to the 70’s for their choice.

Stan’s Story of the Week
Stan wrote himself a note to remember his story which reads Martin’s Balls….
After Stan has covered his story Stan talks about how he looks in Women’s drawers!
Because the conversation has deviated, Stan is upset at women adverts that dictate because you wear a certain type of tampon etc. that you can go sky diving etc. But is that really true?

#7 – How old does person need to be/or look for you to give up your seat on a bus or Train? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
As this is the final question pulled out the Stashbox today, the entire gang want to get their opinion in. Minimosh also declares pregnant women in this topic. What makes this subject even better is the Guv also puts in celebrities who are 60+ because they may be older, but they don’t appear older!