Stashcast 21 – Pirates Or Ninjas – Show Notes

Ashbosh once again does the intro and manages to make a hash of it! Once everyone has been formally introduced (And insulted if you are Stan), our resident Stashbox keeper the Guv’nor picks the first topic from the sexy & beloved Stashbox.

#1 – What’s your most enjoyable shitty film? (Submitted by Al)
This one seems fairly easy, but when the discussion begins the crew realise they feel the only films they choose to watch are good films, but they cans still somehow pick shitty ones!

#2 – Is a portion of Chips a meal, side dish or snack? (Submitted by Paul via Twitter)
A nice little quick one! What do you think? Is it a meal? Or a side dish? Or simply a snack? Our crew thought it could be various options given certain circumstances!

#3 – If you can have one super power, what would it be? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh recently sent the guys this funny picture only days before the recording!
Our stashbox keeper takes over this topic and the Guv’s power is crazy! They all choose their own power, this subject could go for hours if we let it! But the Guv doesn’t let the boys get too carried away.

#4 – What’s one talent or skill that you don’t have but have always wanted? (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-bo has quite a good answer, Stan decides to take over and describe the fabric on the back of Ashbosh’s pyjamas when he recently released some flatulence. He then chooses quite an ugly talent.

#5 – What is better? Pirates or Ninjas? (Submitted by John via Email)
Stan reckons he has the correct answer, J-Bo disagrees. Ashbosh tells of how he and Stan when they used to work nightshift used to watch videos called I am Ninja back in 2006. Ash puts the intro song on so here is a video linked below!

As per usual the topic migrated onto other things. A Youtube celebrity by the name of Kassem-G pops up! So here is what we promised!

Stan’s Story of the Week
This episode Stan talks about meeting a celebrity who he thought at first was a midget. He isn’t however a midget at all and it all ends up with the Guv’nor being insulted!

#6 – If you could be the director of one company, which would it be and what would you do on your first day? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh jumps onto this one with a peach on an idea! Which ends with him wishing he had a crack habit with the money he makes! J-bo wishes he could work for a huge corporation! But which one? Stan wants to take over a company with the sole reason is to sack someone he doesn’t really like! Even the Guv comes into this topic with an idea, but she just wants to use her platform to get a huge Sword!