Stashcast 22 – 3 Boobs and Star Wars – Show Notes

So finally on Episode 22 someone else does the introductions! This is Stan’s turn to begin the show and introduces the crew as standard. Minus the stress and illness everyone seems to be doing fairly well! Without further delay the Guv’nor picks out the first topic

#1 – Would you wank off a horse to save it’s life? (Submitted by Billy via email)
Minimosh also reads out a little message from Billy that he loves the show! Thanks alot Billy! Ashbosh doesn’t like horses at all and does not mind saying so. J-Bo’s family actually have horses and tells the crew the time and effort they take to look after. Would you do this to a horse to save it’s life? Listen in to find out if anyone of the crew would!

#2 – Little People Village in China – Research and Discuss (Submitted by Anonymous)
Our Guv has discovered that Ashbosh rates in the top 10% of mankind for his size, Stan is also happy to find out he makes the cut. Does the cast like the village or do they think it is exploitation?

#3 – Is Ginger a disability? (Submitted by Martin via Facebook)
Stan tells us all how Martin who submitted this question abuses him over his disgust of bananas! Hew disagrees with the disability but does admit to it being a defect of genetics. Here below is one of the MANY pictures Stan has received from Martin in regards to his hatred of the yellow fruit!

#4 – If you were in a communal shower alone and opened your eyes after washing your face/hair and saw someone in front of you who was REALLY close! What is the first thing you would shout? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan and Ashbosh both know the story behind this and as we are not sure who submitted the idea, this person remains nameless. After the story is told the guys think what they would shout. What would you shout?

#5 – Have you ever walked out of the cinema as the film was so bad? (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo has had this experience, Ashbosh gets very upset about a tale from years gone by when he and Stan and a few others went to see a film that turned out to be crap! But he couldn’t leave as he doesn’t drive!

#6 – What is your favourite Knock-Knock joke? (Submitted by James)
Pathetic! We cannot believe how bad the Stashcast crew are on this one! We only have 1 joke between the entire crew! So it wins by default! Ashbosh loads a video on Youtube that could be a sneak peak of footage from the new Star Wars films! Here it is!

Stan is a booby man. He loves breasts, big or small he loves them all! So this week he discusses the woman with the third breast!

J-Bo loves Star wars, and notices a tiny thumbnail left on the PC whilst recording the show. He discusses the potential storylines for the new Star Wars movies, and he can’t get over the fact that Mark Hamill now sports a beard, here’s a picture!