Stashcast 23 – Church of Fudge With Surströmming – Show Notes

We are back with episode 23! Ashbosh resumes the helm after Stan kicked off the show on the previous episode. Once the initial argument about Stan’s scrotum is completed, and the crew discuss a new film they have seen. Our resident keeper of the Stashbox the Guv’nor picks a topic from the Stashbox to begin the show!

#1 – Church of Fudge (Submitted By @PaulusJ93 via Twitter)
Wow, what a first subject! If you have never seen this video, we really don’t want to talk to you about it! But if you would like to see the video then click HERE **WE ARE TELLING YOU NOW, THIS IS NOT PRETTY! WATCH WITH CAUTION, NSFW AND NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!!**

#2 – Jason Orange has quit Take That, but it’s not really news. What horrific news story that ain’t news can you remember? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Stan begins this topic with a story of an older newspaper who recycled the same articles with some photo wizardry. J-Bo doesn’t understand celebrity news stories and we get onto a porn star with a famous Daddy

#3 – If you could travel back in time and witness any event from history, what would it be? (Submitted by L2K)
From an easy question to a very DEEP question! Our entire crew need to think of this one. J-Bo wants more clarification on the rules and the Guv leaves it up to the crew to decide how they witness the events. Minimosh then gives an aggressive choice as hers revolves around punching an innocent person in the face! But who?? Stan then comes through with another morbid choice, and J-Bo follows suit.
Ashbosh doesn’t understand why they choose such gory events and would like to see an important moment in the hstory of Mankind as a whole! Who knows where he got that from as Ashbosh usually isn’t the most sensible. But what do all the crew decide on?

#4 – Which modern conveniences should have never been invented? (Submitted by James)
Stan gives an answer Ashbosh absolutely adores! But the Guv disagrees instantly and this upsets Ash no end! What would your modern convenience be?
J-Bo then tells the crew of a tale around the Swedish delicacy Surströmming! So the crew watch the below video to see what all the fuss is about!

This episodes story is about people who took an internet rumor and actually tried it destroying their very expensive new phones! Do you have sympathy for these people? Do you think Stan does?

After this the crew go through the Social Media links, all found HERE and say their farewell’s for this week! Many thanks for downloading/subscribing/streaming we really appreciate all your input! We’d like to thank all our listeners who send in topics for discussion too as without you we couldn’t do what we love to do which is hopefully entertain you! Stay cool Stashers! Until next week!