Stashcast 24 – Funny Phallus – Show Notes

As the show begins we hear the standard Ashbosh introduction. As the great scabby scrotum debate rages on, Ashbosh introduces his wing man Stan and fellow host J-Bo. After the initial hilarity regarding episode 20’s scab tale, we also are introduced to our beautiful keeper of the Stashbox the Guv’nor. Once this is out of the way then the Guv pulls the first subject from the glorious Stashbox.

#1 – You can stop time and do anything you want, but this would shorten your life by the number of minutes you stop the time by. Discuss. (Submitted by John)
With any question like this we have come to learn J-Bo cannot answer these until EVERY POSSIBLE anomaly has been ironed out and he understands all the rules regarding these. No one else seems to struggle though, but when the chips are down and rules are explained… Is it as good a deal as you think?

#2 – What is your rapper name? (Submitted by MC Cockbender)
Everyone laughed at the submitter name. Guv makes a jibe at Stan’s rapper name but what did he chose? As usual J-Bo has a problem making a decision. Ashbosh relives his teenage years.homeboy2

#3 – British accents, favourite and most hated? (Submitted by L2K)
The Guv starts off with her impression of the cockney accent which Ashbosh had to explain to the listeners as it wasn’t recognisable. After a brief discussion, the guys attempt various accents. The Guv decides Ashbosh is the accent master!

#4 – Describe sausage in a pirate voice ( Submitted by Jo)
Ash gives this an instant attempt, as he is the accent master.  The guys decide Stan has to finish the rest of the show in a pirate voice since his impression was that good, but does he?

#5 – Name 3 songs for the soundtrack to your life (Submitted by @MiniMosh)
Stan starts off on a serious note, Ashbosh counteracts this with some Electric 6 love and J-Bo brings it down a notch with the mention of the Church of fudge!

#6 – If you were offered the part of Jim in American Pie, would you take it? (Submitted by Jess)
The Guv has to set context to the seemingly easy question for J-Bo. Somehow the conversation spirals into how inappropriate Stan is around children much to Stan’s dislike.

Stan declares this story of the week as the most embarrassing story of this life. This story involves 2 girls, 1 phone and a phallus.