Stashcast 25 – Lemonparty and the Killer Cassowary – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts with a little reminder of Stan’s scabby scrote. Stan insults the Guv, J-Bo and Ashbosh quickly try to provoke a reaction before the first topic is pulled out of the Stashbox.

#1 – Since the iPhone 6 bends like a banana, does Stan hate the iPhone 6?
Everyone loves this question except Stan. The guys quickly go off topic with their little knowledge of world currencies.

#2 – There has been a high number of people commit suicide by jumping into an animal pit. If you had to to chose an animal to be killed by which would you chose?
The guys all feel it is a brutal way to go. Ashbosh decides he would like to be taken out by one of these..

#3 – Garage repairing your car and leaving your radio tuned to Chav FM
The only people who can comment on this is Stan and J-Bo and they both detest their cars being altered.

#4 – Lemonparty, just why?
Everyone is haunted by previous episodes and hope this topic doesn’t follow suit. A quick check on urban directory offers some reassurance. What is lemonparty, certainly not this..

#5 – Tells us a quirky habit of yours (Submitted by James)
Someone has to shit naked while another never wears the same pair of socks twice. Someone has to rub fabric together to sleep while someone struggles to decide.
#6 – Facebook
The crew discuss their thoughts on the social media superpower.

#7 – For the next year would you rather have continuous hiccups or feel like you are going to sneeze but can’t? (Submitted by John)
What a good question! This causes a good debate, and it is a tough one for all the guys to answer as it’s trying to pick the best option from two terrible choices! But what do the guys choose?

#8 – Netflix or Lovefilm (Amazon Prime) – (Submitted by J-Bo)
Ashbosh gets educated on Amazon Prime. The guys relive the days before streaming became the standard. J-Bo describes this dream job
The week’s story involves youths, fireworks and dog waste bin.