Stashcast 26 – Hier Kommt Alex – Show Notes

So Stan does the introductions on the pretence that Ashbosh is being lazy. It turns out Ashbosh has an ulterior motive and that is to get Stan in trouble with the special guest as much as possible. As the normal introductions come to an end we are awarded with the introduction of our guest Stashbox keeper, Alex! Stan’s better half, who immediately calls him out on the “Titty Smash Incident”. After some quick banter, the first topic is pulled from our beloved Stashbox.

#1 – You are the PM (Prime Minister). You create a new National Holiday, but for What/Who and what would it be named? (Submitted by Anonymous)
We have covered something similar before but not exactly the same. It turns out the crew find it difficult to settle for one choice! Ash decides a national holiday which will ultimately end in Stan serving life in prison! But what is it?!

#2 – Ghosts (Submitted by Anonymous)
A debate that could last for eons. This is a passionate subject for Ashbosh but do J-Bo and Stan believe in ghosts?! Download to find out!

#3 – The Stress Helmet (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Ashbosh loads up the video in relation to this subject and all the crew are amazed how some of these “ideas” actually become a reality. This leaves the crew speechless so another subject has to be pulled from the Stashbox by Alex

#4 – Number 1 place you want to go on Holiday (Laura via Facebook)
Stan blurts out his number one place. J-Bo has several places he’d love to go with the Moon being one of them! Ashbosh does indeed share the same love as Stan and they discuss why. But J-Bo can’t believe not all the crew are interested in going to the moon!

#5 – Favorite childhood program/cartoon? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
As J-Bo has only recently finished being a young child he has some relatively new cartoons he used to love growing up. Stan tries to make a joke but Alex calls him on his bullsh*t and spoils his joke! After Stan tries to argue his case on his own, the crew pick their own personal faves.

#6 – Each cast member should say an embarrassing story about themselves (Submitted  by Dan via Email)
After the guest Stashbox keeper Alex makes an extra rule to the topic (Public embarrassment) so J-Bo goes first and tells a tale of partying young and living to regret it. Stan shares a story of him being shown up in a theatre. Ashbosh can’t think but does know a time where he soiled himself and decides to describe that chapter in his life.

#7 – What is your earliest memory? (Submitted by L2K)
Stan goes first and his is a Christmas tale. J-Bo remembers when he used to live in Stockton and found a scary beast! Ashbosh remembers taking a leak all over someones floor!

Stan has seen in the news a man who did something very silly with the UK’s newest child craze! The dreaded LOOM BANDS! We don’t want to spoil the story with a picture, once you have listened to the show, click HERE and you can see the exact article Stan discusses. Here’s a random picture of a puppy wrapped up in a towel just to end the show notes on a high! Stay tuned next Monday for episode 27 free on iTunes and android if you check out the Android link at the top of this page for more information!