Stashcast 27 – Anton Du Beke and the Donut – Show Notes

This show begins in the usual way except Stan immediately declares he needs to go to the Little boy’s room to relieve himself as he needs a wee. Ashbosh can’t believe how unprofessional that is, but as it turns out he isn’t the only one who needs to go! After we introduce the regulars to the show we have a special guest on the show, the ever active Gareth (@Gmanwhitey on twitter) who submits topics for conversation often as he is a big fan of the show. After a musical interlude (to cover for the toilet break) the Guv picks out the first topic.

#1 – Feltching and Shrimping. Which is best of a bad bunch? REALLY?! LOL! (Submitted by Anonymous)
Well this topic is met with justifiable apprehension from J-Bo. As we learn what Shrimping is as the cast already had heard the term Feltching. This one seems an easy choice and it doesn’t take the cast long to choose!

#2 – Are you a fan of Halloween? (Submitted by Chris from Ohio)
Stan likes certain aspects of it, Ashbosh doesn’t really understand why we make a fuss over it. But it is mentioned by J-bo that it is huge in the USA compared to the UK. Stan is very proud of his pumpkin carving he had recently done when this episode was recorded. Below is an image of the same pumpkin Stan is talking about on the show! Well done Stan!

#3 – Sky News: With the McCann twitter bully, too far or justified? (Submitted by Jack from Manchester)
Quite a powerful question as it was quite a big story in the British media. Sky News reported about a certain lady who was trolling the McCann’s on twitter. They confronted her on national television and she later commited suicide. So the Crew discuss if it was too far or justifiable as she certainly didn’t care enough when tweeting to the McCann’s.

#4 – Most Annoying Advert (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo has come to terms with how Ashbosh despises aftershave advert as he now also detests them after Ash highlighted to the crew on an earlier episode how pathetic he feels they actually are. Gareth hates the GoCompare adverts and Ashbosh cannot stand the Pounds to Pocket adverts. Also ghambling adverts pops up in the conversation and most of the crew detest them too! No shortage of bad adverts so here’s one below! Enjoy….NOT!

#5 – Legalize Marijuana (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh pipes up instantly to state this was not him. As he is a firm believer in making it legal, to tax it and benefit the world.

#6 – If you could choose the last thing you see before you die, what would it be? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Gareth wants to see his victims face! Quite a crazy choice! Ashbosh chooses the sexual organs of the Guv as his last choice. Conversation deteriorates and the boys end up discussing old women’s cheesy bits. But alas we can’t put that on the show notes so here is a crazy picture that will have to suffice!

#7 – At what age is it acceptable to live with your parents? (Submitted by Libby)
WOW! This is J-Bo’s Mam!!! AWKWARD! Half of the crew still live with their Mothers! Arguing amongst themselves to justify why they still live at home!

This week Stan wants to talk about Google Maps and all the crazy things they have seen! What is the most memorable funny Google Map incident you have seen? Send them to us from our Social Media page!!! Here’s a funny one below!