Stashcast 28 – I AM BATMAN – Show Notes

This week’s episode starts off with a special introduction to our guest Gareth. The guys have enjoyed some delicious chocolate cake but their enjoyment is short lived with the mention of Cake Farts.

#1 – Baywatch
Who doesn’t love the 90’s favourite Saturday night tv show? This quickly goes off topic with the mention of the remix version of the theme music

#2 – What is your catchphrase? – (Submitted by Dave on Facebook)
J-Bo comes out with an offensive one which just so happens to be an internet sensation. What other cast catchphrase’s do you know?


#3 – 10 squirrels vs 30 guinea pigs
This one quickly goes off topic and lead to the weekly jab at J-Bo’s age. Does this one even get answered?


#4 – Microsoft have bought Minecraft, will microsoft kill the game off? Why sell out when you can build your own empire? – (Submitted by L2K)
This one has mixed reaction from the guys. Ashbosh tells the crew about the time he streamed the game with someone from work watching for an hour, but what did he make?
810#5 – Why do you never see baby pigeons? (Submitted by @Creeky76)
Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? The guys are so shocked by this, they need to do some google searches
#6 – Have you ever picked your own arse and smelt it?
One of the guys has never done this but which one?
#7 – What would be more painful, a papercut on each finger on one hand or to stand on a plug? (Submitted by Christopher on Facebook)
Neither would appeal to any sane human but after abit of scientific thinking the crew all choose their answer
#8 – Chuck Norris (Sumbitted by @Gmanwhitey on Twitter)
This one quickly escalates to the internet’s hidden gems. Who has ever tried to walk to Mordor?

Stan tells the story of one man,  one car and one cigarette.
Listen in to hear more.

Stan gives us a treat by giving us his cockney impression with a cameo from his best batman voice.