Stashcast 29 – Stan’s Gifts – Shownotes

This week’s episode starts with the guys discussing their recent Domino’s pizza. J-Bo was the only Stashcast crew member who didn’t go and see Mastodon, the guys won’t let him live that down and Stan has bought a gift to make sure he doesn’t forget it.

#1 – Is it acceptable for an adult to have Lego
This one goes off into the guys love of lego and all things geeky, what adult doesn’t like lego…. and twizzlers?

highres_222971952#2 – If you could commit one crime without being caught what would it be? – Submitted by James B
J-Bo is quick off the mark on this one. Ashbosh is confused by the names of different crimes but J-Bo is there with all the answers. Stan has to take it down a notch with his answer.
#3 – What do you think of the ever increasing cost of traveling on a plane/train?
No one is impressed with the cost of travel in the UK however not everyone uses public transport. The guys have some ideas on how to improve this.
#4 – Old women dressing like young women, thought? – Submitted by Josh
This one quickly goes off onto a discussion on women’s fashion and what people don’t want to see. Cake Farts even gets a mention.
#5 – If you are born on February 29th, what date do you celebrate your birthday on a none leap year? – Submitted by John via Email
This one ends up in a heated debate with some confusion over why people chose different dates. This one doesn’t last long before the The Guv is told to ring the bell
This weeks story involves a boobs, star wars, girlfriends and men in costumes.