Stashcast 30 – Frog Loving Monkey Xmas Special – Show Notes

So as the show starts and Ashbosh does the usual introductions the crew discuss if they look forward to the big day. the Guv isn’t happy about some people and an argument ensues with J-Bo and the Guv (As usual). Guv tries to trick J-Bo and utilizes Ashbosh’s ability to lie, but does J-Bo believe her?

#1 – Who would win if Captain Scarlett had a fight with the Thunderbirds? (Submitted by Anonymous)
If you don’t know either of these old kids show, then you’ll need to Youtube some footage to see who you think may win? Who do you think the cast chose?

#2 – Who would be in your dream band? You can have upto 5 members max! (Submitted by Minimosh)
We’ve had this a few times now, in various different versions. But this one could lead to the biggest debate yet! See who the crew pick for their choices, don’t let the picture below fool you, these may not be the picks that the crew choose.

#3 – Have you ever eaten animal food, like dog food? If so was it nice? (Submitted by Carl via Email)
J-bo used to work in a pet store, so he knows all too well what different treats can be like. Stan asks if J-Bo has fed his new Chihuahua Irn-Bru yet! Someone has tried cat food before…..But who was it?

#4 – Did Oscar Pistorius get a long enough sentence? (Submitted by Leon via Email)
Tough one, all comes down to how you perceive the case, but the crew put in their two pence!

#5 – Do you know your own Larry David? (Submitted by Ashbosh)
Ash has to explain what Larry is like, morally correct but how he goes about his point the wrong way. Stan decides his is J-Bo! Which causes a reaction from the crew.

#6 – Monkey Rapes Frog (Submitted by Anonymous)
The Guv reads out the card to pure disappointment from the boys. WARNING THIS IS DISTURBING

#7 – Which is better the Mega Drive or the Nes? (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Great question as this takes the crew back to their youth, games discussed are Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Sensible Soccer and other such classics! But which console became the Stashcast retro console of choice?

Stan talks of how he managed to whack an inappropriate image onto a friends TV using their own technology