Stashcast 31 – Flatulence Fiasco – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts off with the guys discussing their Christmas traditions and love for Vienetta ice-cream.  Alex joins us to Ashbosh and J-Bo’s delight. The Guv shares how Ashbosh and her celebrate their Christmas, the guys are not impressed.

#1 – What are your thoughts on the hacking scandal? (Submitted by Anonymous via email)
The Guv gives a number of examples of recent hacks which results in the conversation going into a slightly different direction and ends up at 22 Jump Street. The Guv asks whether or not hacking is justified but what do the guys think?
#2 – If you were a Simpson’s character who would you be? (Submitted by James B)
Everyone loves this question with some quick answers but as always this one quickly goes off topic. Avenged Sevenfold even makes an appearance.
#3 – If cash were tight, what would be the first thing you would sell? (Submitted by James B)
The Guv sets the context that you will need to make up a months wage. This one has the guys thinking what they would sell. Body, Body parts and drugs but who picked what?


Alex tells the story this week as Stan wouldn’t do it justice. This week’s story involves a shopping trip, games and lingering smell.
#4 – What is your new year resolution? (Submitted by The Guv)
J-Bo takes some inspiration from The Guv’s fizzy free diet. Everyone has a health improvement wish for 2015.