Stashcast 32 – Narcoleptic Dog – Show Notes

Happy New Year Everyone!

This week’s episode starts with the guys talking about their new years resolutions. Alex joins us again though appears surprised Stan asked her back. The Guv presses the bell early on when the conversation wasn’t her to her taste, the guys aren’t impressed.

#1 – If you were going to get sponsored by a brand, who would you like it to be and why? (Submitted by Malcolm from Sunderland)
Ashbosh is quick off the mark however his answer wouldn’t help with his new year’s resolution. The conversation quickly goes to the guys favourite drinks and problems with caffeine, a narcoleptic dog is also mentioned.

#2 – Tinder, useful or stalky? (Submitted by Ian on Facebook)
The guys have no idea what Tinder is so Google is needed to help assist this. Ashbosh is not impressed after discovering how many hours people spend on it. Stan and Alex has a disagreement other their relationship.

#3 – What is the worst alcohol beverage you ever drank? (Submitted by Ben via Facebook)
This one ends up with Stan and Alex surprising everyone with their lack of drink experience and ends up with everyone reliving their youth.
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#4 – If you had to do one, Richard or Judy? (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
J-Bo is quick off the mark while Ashbosh is more interested in The Guvs answer and this sets off a complete different conversation. Who would you pick?

#5 – Finger your mam or wank off your dad?  ( Submitted by Johnny via Facebook)
Ashbosh bans Johnny from submitting any further questions and quickly answers the question however it’s bending the rules slightly.
#6 – If you lived in America, would you own a gun? (Submitted by J-Bo)
J-Bo explains his reason for putting this in the Stashbox.  Alex wants more clarification on the question. Stan doesn’t think Alex should be allowed a gun as she can’t handle a knife… an argue quickly followed.

Alex tells this weeks story which involves Stan, Alex’s bedroom and Stan’s ass.