Stashcast 33 – 1st Rule of Defender Club – Show Notes

Welcome one and all to episode 33 of the Stashcast. After the usual band of misfits are introduced The Guv dives straight into the Stashbox

#1 – Do you know where to get some Tartan Paint? – (Submitted by @vanman234 via Twitter)
Stan has been the victim of this joke before, but did he fall for it?

#2 – As my celeb look like is Shamu, should Seaworld be closed? Is it cruel containment of animals? – (Submitted by @gmanwhitey via Twitter)
The guys don’t appear to the like the thoughtful questions. Ashbosh gives answers which could either by for or after the idea but what do the other guys think?

#3 – Should I leave my missus and run the risk of going back to her, or do her in and that be the end of it? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan puts his foot right in it. The Guv has to clarify the question for our international listeners and also gives her insight in what she would choose.
#4 – Jeeps are better than Landrovers, discuss? – (Submitted by Gmanwhity via Paper not Twitter)
The guys try hard to make J-Bo admit to being part of a Landrover club but he is having none of it. Stan decides to share with the guys one of this favourite Christmas gifts.

#5 – If you owned a store what would you sell? – (Submitted by James B )
J-Bo thinks he knows what Ashbosh would sell.. but is he right? Stan and The Guv think they maybe onto an idea to start a real store but that idea was quickly scrapped by why?

#6 – Why do mother’s get more for Mother’s day than Father’s do for Father’s day? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh is quick to mock The Guv for her poor reading of the questions. Stan and Ashbosh are quick to explain why they believe females get more, J-Bo is set to explain what has happened to his Defender.
Ashbosh asks the guys a question which has bugged him for weeks… can you help?

This week’s story involves Stan, Alex, some lies about farting and wedgies.