Stashcast 34 – Stan POV – Show Notes

This weeks episode starts with Stan not loving Mcdonalds but what have they done to make him so mad? Once everyone is introduced the Guv picks out the first question from the Stashbox

#1 – 3 reasons why Nigel Farage is a twat – (Submitted by Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
This one starts off a heated debate about the current politics in the UK. Ashbosh has an idea for the recruitment process for politicians but will it catch one?

#2 – RIP Christine Cavanaugh – (Submitted by Anonymous)
As Christine voiced so many of Ashbosh and Stan’s childhood cartoons they are pretty sad that she has pasted. RIP.

#3 – If it were real would you be Jedi or Sith? – (Submitted by Mark via Facebook)
Ashbosh is quick off the mark much to The Guv dislike. The main question is what colour would the lightsaber be?

#4 – What is your best video game character ever? – (Submitted by Jack via email)
Everyone loves this question, Ashbosh struggles with his answer which causes Stan to re-evaluate his. The Guv knows straight away who she would pick.

#5 – Mae Young or The Fabulous Moolah – (Submitted by Roy)
The guys have to give J-Bo some idea who these two are. Stan knows his answer which he basis on a hand. Ashbosh tries to explain how old these two are without the use of photos.

#6 – Dustin Diamond, Has Stan seen the sex tape? – (Submitted by Harry via Facebook)
Silly question really. Stan is sure it’s not the real Dustin in the video and tries to explain why he believes it and POV porn is born!

Following previous week’s story this one is about Stan, farts, cramp and the domino effect this has.