Stashcast 35 – The One Where Ashbosh Farted – Show Notes

A quick round of introductions and some chat about food starts off the show this week before the Guv dives into the Stashbox

#1 – Would you like someone lick your ring? Donuts! – (Submitted by Clare)
The guys are slightly confused by this questions, is it about donuts? Does it even matter?

#2 – What did J-Bo think of the manatees from episode 33? – (Submitted by Alison via Facebook)
This one quickly goes off topic onto butterfaces and how Stan describes a ugly woman.


#3 – At what point does mist become fog? – (Submitted by Prince of Darkness)
Stan does his best to explain the difference which leaves everyone else laughing. Ashbosh then follows but do we even get an answer to the question?
#4 – Have you ever found anything in your food which should not have been there? – (Submitted by Katie from Devon)
This is a good question with some awful answers, bananas get a mention and not even from Stan.

#5 – Urinal splash back, who’s wee is it and can you catch anything from it?  – (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo has a dig at the Guv and her ability to read the questions. The Guv wants to know how Ashbosh deals with his question due to his hatred of splash back.

#6 – Have you seen the Interview and what are your thoughts? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
The Guv had to be told what this movie was, REALLY! Stan wasn’t impressed with J-Bo’s comments.

#7 – Favourite celeb from the Frappening – (Submitted by Damian)
Everyone has a personal favourite even if they don’t know who the celeb is.

#8 – Baby Monkey riding pig – (Submitted via email)

#9 – Do you use speakerphone when making calls?  – (Submitted by Ashbosh)
Ashbosh gives examples of why he hates loud speaker so much, are the guys a fan of loudspeaker?

#10 – Why is it 4 years ago I slept fine, but now I can’t go 4 hours without needing a piss? Is it just me? – ( Submitted by Gmanwhitey)
The guys can relate to this one and end up on a conversation about their skills at pissing during the night.


Stan’s story this week is festival related and involves camping, outdoor sex, tents and disappointment.