Stashcast 36 – Tom Cruise and his 3 Front Teeth – Show Notes

As Ashbosh welcomes you all to the show he tries to introduce Stan in a new way. Does he do a good job? After the normal formalities and a discussion on Chocolate, the Guv draws the first card from the beloved Stashbox for the crew to discuss.

#1 – Tom Cruise has 3 front teeth. Confirm or deny? – Submitted by (@Gmanywhitey via Twitter)
Quite a show starter! This subject manages to split the crews decision so the question beckons… Does he?
Stan states he has seen authentic photos from Before Tom had work done to his teeth, and he has shown the crew this photo. But was it only for a film? Or were his teeth this bad before porcelain was installed?

#2 – Guardians of the Galaxy, describe it in 3 words (Submitted by Ryan via Facebook)
J-Bo answers this question before the Guv has even finished speaking. Ashbosh believes he saw Galactcus as a little easter egg in the movie and became very excited. J-Bo agrees with the Bosh but Stan brings clarity to the issue by reminding the crew their isn’t only Galactus. Upon further research after the show Ashbosh discovered it seems to fit Eson more. Here is a picture of Eson for you to reference. Apparently Galactus is owned by a different movie company so will not feature on Guardians anytime soon.

#3 – Who would look better out of the crew sporting a Stash?(Submitted by Ryan via Facebook)
Ashbosh longs to see J-Bo sporting a filthy fat gringo stash. J-Bo says his light covering of hair on his face constitutes to a month of growth. Stan declares out of the entire crew that Ashbosh is the only one who can shave properly. Somehow Ash brings the discussion back to his new Sexy Toy. J-Bo at this point received a call from his Brother, who was after a DVD and had no time for the fact J-Bo was recording the show LIVE!

#4 – So is C##t the worst swear word, if someone is one then they should be proclaimed as one?! (Submitted by paul via Twitter)
This word doesn’t bother the crew one bit. Ashbosh has a different word he would like to use to get the same effect. It seems the general consensus is that we don’t really mind the word. But some people do? Do you? Here is a young child shouting the word for your enjoyment….

#5 – Seth Rogan Versus Adam Sandler…FIGHT! (Submitted by Anonymous)
This question sees the crew discuss who they think would win in a battle. J-Bo knows a film which they both star in, Ashbosh wants to know the ground rules for the fight, are weapons allowed. Where is the fight? In a cage? After the rules have been laid down, the crew pick a victor, but who comes out on top?


#6 – Bono not playing guitar anymore? (Submitted by Justin via Email)
So as the crew laugh at the Guv for saying Bono wrong. It comes to light the crew didn’t even have a clue he even played guitar. But we all know they will have an opinion, but what do they think of Bono?

#7 – Who is your favorite Muppet? (Submitted by James B via Facebook)
It seems the crew don’t really know the entire Muppet cast. Ashbosh tells the Guv that Miss Piggy and Kermit are in a loveless relationship. J-Bo has watched the recent films and states they have a lot of cameos from celebs in the newest crop of movies. Ashbosh thinks the Muppets were at war with Sesame Street, Stan seems to be correct but Ashbosh argues the toss anyway. They even get Jim Henson’s name wrong. Bad Stashcast! BAD, BAD STASHCAST.

#8 – If you could have a day on Earth where you could do one thing as much as you wanted. What would it be? (Submitted by John via Email)
Ashbosh decides Stan is exempt from this question. Stan is angry at this and asks Ashbosh to explain what he thinks Stan would pick. Ashbosh gives around 3 examples, and then Stan realises he has been caught out and has to think of another one. Ashbosh wants to eat magic mushrooms all day and go to another planet! But what does everyone else pick?

This week is a story about farting. Yes, farting! Stan tells a tale of how he managed to get is partner to believe his fart was mustered up by another person. You won’ believe what person it is. Could this be a new low?