Stashcast 37 – Paris Hilton and the Peeping Tom – Show Notes

Welcome one, welcome all to the latest episode of the Stashcast! Ashbosh introduces the crew and starts with his wingman Stan. Who has searched the term “Chebs” in Google which just so happens to be a slang word for boobies. After a bit more banter the first card is pulled from the Sacred “Stashbox”.

#1 – If you could ban one singer or band who would it be and why? (Submitted by Evie from London)
Each member states a name instantly, J-Bo takes this as a chance to stab fun at the Guv for last weeks folly to do with the U2 singer not being able to play guitar anymore. Then becomes several minutes of Stan searching boobs on Google. Here’s a picture of a woman with big boobs.

#2 – Isn’t it scary that the word therapist has the words the and rapist together? -(Submitted by Mark via Facebook)
Stan is quick off the mark to answer this one. Ashbosh and J-Bo mention a tv character who relates to this question.


#3 – Paris Hilton, boob job or not? – (Submitted by Anonymous via email)
Stan decides to answer for everyone seen as he has seen her movie. A quick search of Google helps the guys answer this one.


#4 – Do you do anything weird when you are completely on your own? – (Submitted by Malcolm via email)
Stan and Ashbosh share a similar yet bizarre activity. J-Bo is wondering what that would be like… But what is it?
A guest call to our friend Roy is needed to end an argument.


#5 – Best Disney movie of the last ten years – (Submitted by Jodie via email)
The guys struggle to make a decision on this one. Could you decide?


#6 – Bruce Jenner, is he turning into a woman? What are your thoughts? – (Submitted by Lucy via Facebook)
A Google search is needed as not everyone knows who he is. Ashbosh isn’t amused what Bruce Lee is further down the Google search list. Stan surprises the Guv but what did he do?


#7 – Favourite YouTube channel – (Submitted by MiniMosh)
There are so many cool suggestions for this one. Here is one of the suggestions. Listen in to find out the others.

#8 – Have you ever wished you were the opposite sex? – (Submitted by James B)
A quick answer from everyone. Not many people want to be female.


#9 – Traffic Light Ping-Pong – (Submitted by LittleAbs20 via Instagram)
Our first suggestion from Instagram! The guys are pleased and also enjoy the video. Question is, when are these coming to the UK?

#10 – What is your drag queen name? -(Submitted by Heftyfine via Twitter)
J-Bo is wanting to use a name generator not everyone agrees.


#11 – Counting Crows are not gay. Discuss – (Submitted by Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
No one has heard of them so this one doesn’t last long. Stan asks the guys what is their worst band they have ever heard live. Ashbosh mentions a time a music magazine got it all wrong with the Saviour of Metal

This week’s story consists of 3 men, alcohol and front row seats to Destiny’s Child