Stashcast 38 – Sell Your Limb For Megan Fox – Show Notes

J-Bo and the Guv interrupt Ashbosh as he attempts to introduce Stan throwing the whole intro into turmoil.
Alex is back this week to make sure Stan stays in line, much to everyone’s delight.

#1 – In game character sexes. Who do you play as? – (Submitted by The Guv)
The Guv insults Alex when she tries to explain where this question comes from. Ashbosh explains his experience when playing with different sexes and also tells an embarrassing story involving a Fleshlight.


#2 – Do you like the snow or do you prefer the sun? – (Submitted by Simon via Facebook)
Everyone is quick to answer this one. The Guv is not happy with some people’s suggestions.


#3 – What is your favourite Arrested Development character and why? -(Submitted by The Guv)
Not everyone has seen the show so the guys tries to explain why they love the show so much.


#4 – Would you sell your hand for a weekend of sex with Megan Fox? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo definitely would as he sees multiple benefits. Ashbosh gives the listeners some bad advice.


#5 – What has been your best purchase of 2014 – (Submitted by Anonymous)
A Land Rover, Chewing Gum and a Ps4 is given as answers but can you tell who said what?


#6 – Why doesn’t a duck quack echo? – ( Submitted by John via email)
The guys are quick to answer this one based on recent scientific research. this one leads into GM foods and whether or not people should be allowed to grow modified foods.


#7 – Would you rather but your dad to death or be bummed by your dad to death? – (Submitted By Johnny via Facebook)
The Guv didn’t want to read this question.Stan tries to put over some benefits of each option.

Head in Hands

This week Alex treats us to some of Stan’s best moments which has to be heard to be believed.