Stashcast 40 – Prosthetic Leg Problems – Show Notes

The guys start the show winding Stan up about Ken. Alex joins the guys although Stan is not too pleased. The Guv tells everyone about how Stan feels that being ginger should be classed as a race. Stan also tells a story about how when his sister goes to Scotland she tends to get her accent back. J-Bo has alot of love for Ashbosh’s cape.

#1 – Apple or Windows in a fight to the death. – (Submitted by Anonymous)
The Guv has to set some context on this question as the guys are unsure whether it’s related to mobile phones only. Guv has to tell Stan off for this choice of language which causes him to let one rip.
#2 – Commonwealth games , Wonderful sporting tradition or a glorified sports day? – (Submitted by Nick via Facebook)
Ashbosh feels this is a way for the UK to look good when it comes to sporting competitions but what do the others think?
#3 – Would you rather by a wide as you are tall, or as tall as you are wide? – (Submitted by Carl via Facebook)
J-Bo thinks this would be the same thing. The Guv makes Ashbosh do a test in order to show J-Bo the difference. Everyone gets confused by this question, Stan tries to explain but confuses people even more.
#4 – Brazilian Fart Porn – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh tells everyone of the reference to this made on an episode of South Park. A simple google search will find you the video the guys watched, instead we will post the South Park reference.
#5 – Tell us a story when you were laughing out of control – (Submitted by Dez via Email)
Stan feels like the guys have been bullying him recently after the mention of his friend called Ken and tried to back up his story with evidence of what the crew have done to provoke a reaction.

#6 – Would you rather not be able to use your hands or not walk? – (Submitted by Tom via Email)
J-Bo requires clarification on the question. Ashbosh gives a demonstration on how he would survive without feet much to Alex’s delight. Stan has a way with words when it comes to prosthetic legs which leaves everyone in fits of laughter.

#7 – Khloe Kardashian vs Amber Rose, who’s side are you on? – (Submitted by Kelly)
Ashbosh has no idea who they are so The Guv explains. J-Bo thinks the she-hulk would win. Ashbosh disagrees. Who’s side is Stan one?