Stashcast 41 – Katie Hopkins and the Grape Sized Manhood – Show Notes

As Ashbosh welcomes everyone to the show, he labels Stan the Prince of Prosthetics (This is a reference to a previous episode of the show). Ashbosh then discusses how when someone touches Stan’s arms he must tense them up. Afterwards Stan talks of a sexual encounter story involving him and a past conquest. This becomes quite an awkward moment as Ashbosh then introduces Alex, Stan’s other half! Following this it is the usual gang all present and ready to rock. So the Guv picks a card from the sacred and special Stashbox.

#1 – Katie Hopkins (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan does not like Katie at all and tells us the reasons why. Does anyone actually like this controversial British “Celebrity”?! Listen in to find out!

#2 – Would you have a cock the size of a grape for £1 Million!!?! (Submitted by Anonymous)
As you can see our listeners love to get us to have small penises. J-Bo wants to know the size of the grape before he decides. What do you think the crew will pick?

#3 – Do you collect anything? (Submitted by Mary via email)
Do the crew collect stuff? If so what do you think it is? Ashbosh at one point farts, and it sounds ghastly, and they discuss a special ability Ashbosh has…..but what is it?! After this we find out something very strange the Guv does once a loved one passes.

#4 – Do you think our ancestors met Aliens? (Submitted by Anonymous)
This is always a popular subjects amongst blokes to discuss. But the crew is divided! Who believes in Aliens?!

#5 – What is the worst kind of music? (Submitted by Charlie via Facebook)
Stan and Ashbosh know theirs instantly. As usual J-Bo cannot pick easily, Alex states hers and this does seem to be popular amongst the crew. But what does Alex dislike?

#6 – Did you put your name on the Orion rocket headed to Mars? (Submitted by Anonymous)
After the Guv pronounces Orion wrong and gets slated like usual from Ashbosh & J-Bo. Ashbosh has for himself and someone else. But has anyone else from the crew done this?

#7 – If you could, which sport would you get rid of? (Submitted by Amy via Email)
Ashbosh hates horses, so picks anything to do with horses. Stan has a few sports he dislikes, but his partner thinks he doesn’t understand how difficult it is. But what sport is it?

#8 – Who would win in a fight? An Anaconda or a baby Hippo? (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan likens all Anaconda’s to the one in the 1990’s film starring Jeniffer Lopez by the same name. Stan doesn’t understand this question as he assumed they didn’t share the same part of the globe. Our crew all pick what they think. But what do you think?
After this discussion it filters into old TV programmes the crew used to love as kids! At some point Knightmare gets mentioned, which was a great show many years ago. Ashbosh mentions he once saw a video of loads of funny fails. We cannot locate this video but here is a Knightmare Funnies episode 1.

So that wraps it up for show 41. Stay tuned as episode 42 drops Monday around 4am GMT! Download it and subscribe! WE LOVE YOU ALL!