Stashcast 42 – Buffy and the Nosebleed – Show Notes

#1 – Would you rather look weak and actually be strong, or look strong and actually be weak – (Submitted by Rich)
Stan tells a story which has the Guv interested. J-Bo finds a way to mention his hero Arnie.

#2 – What would be an inappropriate child’s name? – (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey)
A big congrats to @gmanwhitey who is going to be a parent soon and since his surname is White, he is wondering what would be an inappropriateĀ  name to give his child.. Ashbosh tells the guys about the would be name for his first child but the Guv didn’t allow him.


#3 – What is the most painful thing that you have ever experienced? – (Submitted by Emma vis email)
Ashbosh is quick with his answer, J-Bo doesn’t agree and explains why his pain was much worse. Stan gives the guys an update on his scabby scrotum.
#4 – So how many children or adultsĀ  understand Pingu? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan does his best impression which no-one understand. Everyone gives the same answer, but what was it?

#5 – How much taller or shorter would you like to be? – (Submitted by James B)
Stan gives a specific answer. Ashbosh doesn’t want to change his height but the size of a body part.

#6 -Make your own word up and give it a meaning. – (Submitted by Paul via Facebbok)
J-Bo has a love for words and tells the guys of some of his favourite word/quotes from movies. Ashbosh’s word is shelfie but what is the meaning?

This week’s story contains a house party, a nose bleed, sexual encounter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.