Stashcast 43 – Shark Avalanche and the Mass Debate – Show Notes

Stan starts the show feeling slightly troubled and only J-Bo can help, however this doesn’t stop the other guys from trying to have their say. Stan tries to entertain the guys with a  toilet joke which reminds Ashbosh of a poll he held previously related to the same thing. Ashbosh gives J-Bo and Stan a gift but are the guys pleased with his choice ?
#1 – Film: Shark Avalanche – (Submitted by Jamie R via Email)
The guys love this question and share  their love for such movies. The Guv isn’t impressed which leads to an argument between her and Ashbosh.
#2 – You can invent a new currency, what would it be called and how would you use it? – (Submitted by John via Email)
Ashbosh mentions Stinkies which J-Bo isn’t impressed with and advises this is already a currency. Stan’s currency can have an affect on your diet, surely that can’t be a bad thing?
#3 – What is your life motto? – (Submitted by Anon via Email)
The guys answers involve sex, shit and games but can you guess who said what?
#4 – Would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds? – (Submitted by John via Email)
Stan was quick to answer this partly because he doesn’t believe he could fly safely if he didn’t have super strength. The guys discuss the benefits of what reading people’s minds would bring something which could include winning money. J-Bo mentions a fun game show in the UK called the Chase as Ashbosh isn’t aware what this is, J-Bo plays him a clip.
#5 – What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten? – (Submitted by James B)
J-Bo mentions the up and coming 1 year anniversary special where the guys plan to eat some Surströmming… Stan still doesn’t want to take part but will he?
You will be surprised by the answers of some, especially Stans. It doesn’t contain bananas or peas.
Stan has a fear of going to the toilet in public places. The Guv likes to remind everyone of a time where Stan didn’t like to fart in front of people ( Yes Really!), he hated it so much that a Twitter #LetStanFart was created.
The story this week included a Sunday carvery, public toilets and door slamming.