Stashcast 44 – The Tinder Trouble – Show Notes

The seating arrangements are different this week which is causing some issues for the guys. Stan tries to explain this reasoning behind his attempt to feel up the Guv during their trip to Mcdonalds. After a discussion over the Guv’s aggression it’s time for the first suggestion from the Stashbox.

#1 – Are E-Sports shit? – (Submitted by Taylor via Email)
J-Bo has to be educated on what E-Sports are. The crew are not too sure whether it should be classed as a sport which leads to other sporting activities which the guys don’t believe should be classed as a sport.

#2 – Katie Price in Celebrity Big Brother, is she over sharing? – (Submitted by Kate via Facebook)
The Guv thinks Stan will be the man to answer this one due to his mother’s love for the show. No-one knows what she had said in celebrity big brother so the Guv tries to explain some of the things which were said.
#3 – Celebrity look-a-likes – (Submitted by @gmanwhitey via Twitter)
J-Bo is quick to remind everyone about The Guv and Tina Barrett. Ashbosh tells everyone about celebrities who look like dogs. Stan says he used to look like English footballer Paul Scholes. J-Bo has no idea and the guys offer no help.

#4 – What is the weirdest thing you brought home as a child? – (Submitted by James B)
Ashbosh tells a tale which leaves everyone confused and in fits of jiggles. Stan remembers a time he saw green poop and an invention to make glow in the dark poo. As usual J-Bo struggles to answer.
#5 – Lindsay Lohan and the Photoshop scandal. Is Photoshop acceptable? – (Submitted by Jane)
Everyone has different answers on this one. The Guv tries to set some context around the question and to get others to see different opinions. Is it false advertising?

This weeks story includes Smints, work and allergic reactions.

Stan also has a suggestion to get J-Bo to sign up on Tinder. #GetJBoADate