Stashcast 45 – Ross Kemp and Bad Taxidermy – Show Notes

After the usual intro from our resident host Ashbosh who introduces the crew religiously, we find out Stan has recently had a tooth removed. J-Bo has been given laughing gas before, and wants the Guv to try it. Ashbosh tells a small story of when the Guv was wasted on morphine.

#1 – Ross Kemp Folded Google Images – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Not one crew member had ever done this before. But after we had, we cannot stress enough if you know Ross Kemp, give this a look! It is very funny, and harmless fun after all. Below are some of the crews favorite images!

#2 – Should the UK taxpayer have paid for the burial of Richard the Third? – (Submitted by Anonymous via Email)
Ashbosh isn’t sure whether this was something which happened recently everyone brings him up to date. Everyone is a little surprised by the suggestion as it’s different from the usual suggestions. Do you think the taxpayer should pay?

#3 – Bad Taxidermy – (Submitted by Anonymous)
The Guv loves a twitter account based on this one while Stan shares a tail of the time he was made into a life size cardboard cut out. Ashbosh expresses his desire to be in the A-HA music video.
#4 – Do you find any accents sexy or just plain annoying? – (Submitted by Sam from Oxford)
J-Bo and Stan have a similar liking to an accent, Ashbosh doesn’t agree. It’s pretty clear that accents are loved by the Stashcast crew.

#5 – How do they make the Nestle Easter Egg’s whole, while hollow in the middle? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
This suggestion starts a mini war between the Guv and everyone else. Stan attempts to explain how this happens which starts everyone’s love for the TV show How It’s Made. Ashbosh tells the guys about his recent discovery of some new inventions. J-Bo tells everyone about an air umbrella.

This weeks installment consists of a recording device, Stans girlfriend Alex, Queen, and a potential end of a relationship.