Stanblog 1 – Selfies

Firstly I need to get this out of the way. I hate blogging. It’s a pain in my arse. Do people actually care what I have to say regardless of how weird or stupid it may be??? Only time will tell on that one. The one thing I do love is doing the Stashcast. I get to hang out with friends, remove any verbal filters I’d usually have and say whatever the Hell I like. Because of this love I want it to be a success so I’ve agreed to start the Stan Blog. If I bore you please don’t commit suicide.

This week’s topic begins with the below picture and selfie’s.


In this unfortunate moment the woman has caught her dog being sick at the perfect selfie moment. It proper made me chuckle but I have to confess……. I hate selfies. It could be the fact that I’m a fat ginger wanker who breaks cameras (it’s a true statement) that makes me hate them so much but in reality its more down to the constant need for people to do them.

I can understand if you’re at some special location or your taking the odd one but I’ve seen people sit in just random places and take about 20 at a time, doing their hair, checking their makeup (both men and women) and then take another 20 with the same stupid fake pout on their faces. WHY! WHY! WHY do they do this? What’s wrong with a normal photo with a normal smile?????????????.

Do women not realise that they are far more attractive when they are just acting naturally rather than pouting? Models pout and do it subtly. No models over emphasize the pout and look like ducks.


This is going to cause arguments amongst the crew as me and the Guv have the same opinion whereas Ashbosh loves them. I often receive them from him. Generally when he’s on the toilet. I even received one whilst I was writing this blog.

I’m interested to hear what your thoughts are. Am I just old and miserable? Do you think it’s gone too far? What the fuck is a selfie stick?

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