Stashcast 46 – Jeremy Clarkson and Back Fired Jokes – Show Notes

As episode 46 opens its doors like a whore opens her legs, Ashbosh introduces the crew as usual amid excitement of the first official Stashcast excursion to Amsterdam! Also the debut of the Tweet of the Week segment!!! J-Bo is very excited about the upcoming trip. A little discussion about a friend of the show KEN! After this we are onto the new segment!

So after the poorly made intro to Tweet of the Week, the Guv goes over the rules. This weeks tweeting topic is “Bad choice funeral songs”. Four were chosen and even Stan puts his own wildcard in. Only one can be the winner! But who was it?!!

After the winner has been chosen we move swiftly on to the first topic of the week!

#1 – Should Jeremy Clarkson have gotten the sack? – (Submitted by Adam)
This one caused controversy amongst the crew, everyone put their opinion in on this one! But who thinks he shouldn’t have been fired? Download to find out!

#2 – What was your hair like when you were growing up? – (Submitted by Wes via email)
Everyone knows when you are young your hair SUCKS! Please enjoy the below horror show to see what our hair was like growing up!

the Guv


#3 – Would you rather go deaf Tomorrow or blind in 20 years? – (Submitted by Adam)
Which is the lesser of two evils here? Some interesting theories come up on this one! For anyone who doesn’t get the below image, it is from a classic film called See No Evil, Hear No Evil from 1989!

Now the Guv’nor slams her own question into the show, a relative first! Which is…..

#4 – What one piece of film memorabilia would you own?
Wow! Well done Guv! Good question! What Ashbosh chooses it turns out neither Stan or J-Bo haven’t even seen the film! Ashbosh gets angry about the fact they haven’t seen the film, below is an image from the film, surely you have seen it?!

#5 – Have you ever had a joke back fire? (Submitted by Anonymous)
With Ashbosh in the room this one is a daft question! He has made some stinky jokes in the past and landed in hot water for it! But who else has? Surely not J-Bo and Stan?! This topic leads Stan into his story of the week!

Stan recalls a story where he made a colossal mess with an inside joke, but before he gets into the story he mentions an old Channel 4 program called Banzai! So here as promised is a small video of this show!

After he mentions the TV show, he tells us his story, of an email that should never have been sent! All you could think was the below!

After this Ashbosh and Stan can’t believe J-Bo is old enough to remember Myspace when it was cool. Somehow the crew get onto discussing Roy, a friend of the show who has yet to make his official debut. He technically had been on the show via phone call when Ashbosh called him about Roy potentially being a peeping Tom.

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After Stan tells a story of how on the day of recording he got chatted up by the clerk in the store where he was getting his Euro’s for the Amsterdam trip!

Ashbosh remembers how the Octopuses arse question that was posed to the listeners was answered…CORRECTLY! Well done @Gmanwhitey! You will soon be the proud owner of a hand drawn and autographed by the Stashcast crew members Octopus drawing!

Ashbosh somehow likens the Guv’s hands to Jeremy Beadle’s hands! This causes a lot of tension and the crew discuss meeting him. Also Ashbosh remembers a joke picture he saw years ago of Jeremy’s official controller for the Playstation…. here it is….