The Guvs Guidance – Dog Poo

I can never understand why people chose to keep animals if they are not willing to look after them. Some people just like breaking rules… I am not one of them.

The other day I had to cut short my children playing outside after their football rolled into some dog poo which someone couldn’t be arsed to clean up. Lets face it,  you don’t forget to wipe your arse so why would you forget to pick up your dogs shit?

I think people should be encouraged to report these ‘people’ as more need to be fined. There is too much dog poo everywhere, it’s disgusting.

While I am on the topic of poo and fines… how comes people who ride horses don’t have to pick up their shit? It’s awful to see this on the path while you are trying to enjoy your walk out. They should be fined too.

Pick up after your animals or don’t have any at all – That is the only resolution to the problem.