Stanblog 2 – The Worlds Gone Card Mad

Wow has it been 7 days since the last blog??? Time has flown by. Must have been all that weed I smoked in Amsterdam.


This weeks bitch fest is something that really pisses me off. Why oh why do we have to buy people cards (Christmas/Birthday) when you’re already buying them a gift??? It completely blows my mind. Surely you buy people cards when you aren’t buying them a gift??? I sense a conspiracy!!! The card makers have brain washed the people so as to make more profit however have they thought of the risks??? More cards mean more chances of paper cuts which could lead to blood infections. These infections could mutate into a virus with some stupid fucking name that no normal person can say and make the human race turn into half human half slug.


Do you really want to look like this??? Think of the mess!!! We need to stand up and fight. Lets all stop buying stupid cards and instead use that money to make the gift better or give it to charity. I’ve already begun. I no longer buy Christmas cards. Instead I use that money to give to Cancer UK. It may be only a £10 donation but it’s better than wasting it and before you start talking crap with lines like “you can buy charity cards” remember that there’s a manufacturing cost they need to pay for so not all your money will go to that charity.

For the final part of this blog I’d like to say a big go fuck yourself you silly white van driving cock sucking cum monkey to the lovely man who decided to ignore all road signs to give way to oncoming vehicles and almost cause an accident


Peace out bitches!!!