Stashcast 47 – The Amsterdam Special – Show Notes

As the show begins with a jingle including two funny sound bytes Ashbosh gets the introductions underway but talk swiftly turns to Amsterdam and the recent Stashcast vacation! After everyone is present and accounted for, Ashbosh and the Guv decide it’s time to start the show in style with our newest segment!

This week the Guv decides to choice a hashtag which is ‘Cunt’. 4 contenders are in for the winning of Tweet of the Week. As always the winner will be followed on Twitter.
Jeremy-Kyle-006After the winner has been chosen we move swiftly on to the first topic of the week!

#1 – Have you ever sneezed then followed through? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
This one has the guys divided and with some additional problems involved when sneezing. Who has and who hasn’t?

#2 – Could you eat puke for a new next gen console? the Guv picks the person who is sick! – (Submitted by Kerry via Email)
Stan gets confused with who submitted the question. The Guv has to set a lot of terms for this one to clarify how much is needed and also what is included with the new gen console. Would the guys eat 2 spoonfuls for money?

#3 – What do you find more attractive? Blondes or Brunette’s? – (Submitted by Janet via Email)
Ashbosh wasn’t prepared for another question, so the question had to be repeated. Our friend Peeping Roy is needed to settle a debate which JBo started. A quick phone call answers everything.

#4 – Lego. Are they age limits advisory only, or is it just for kids? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh is not happy with the Guv for picking out yet another topic, as he is getting despite to talk about the guys recent trip to Amsterdam. Everyone has a love for Lego… let’s face it who hates Lego? is it even possible?
The guy sets Stan a challenge to get him involves in the Stashcast YouTube channel on a game on Minecaft. As Stan isn’t a fan of the game, the guys decide to try and sell it to him.

That is the end of the suggestions for this episode but there are plenty of stories from the Dam for you to enjoy.

This weeks episode involves a road trip, car chase and an embarrassing encounter.