AYA 0.1 – Cats Versus Dogs!

So this is my brand spanking new segment here on Stashcast.com! It’s called Ashbosh’s YouTube Adventures or AYA for short! Now as an avid fan/user of YouTube I have seen an awful lot of videos. Many have been absolute tripe, but you get some and they are just immense.

Now I am not going to guarantee that every video I add to the AYA series will be ground breaking. Let’s be fair here when I say my taste may not be anything like your own. One Man’s trash is another Man’s treasure after all. But I get lost in YouTube. Sometimes I will watch videos and I get to a point where I question my own life choices in how I managed to get to that video.

What my aim is on AYA is to show you videos that have made me laugh, or made me think etc. I will usually write a little piece to accompany the video and I hope you enjoy this series. If you don’t we still have some blinders on the site! We have Stanblog which will always be interesting knowing Stan has free reign to type what he wishes. We also have J-Bo’s Making you smarter topic, which will soon be dropping here and it’s a good one! If that wasn’t enough we even have the Guvs Guidance, where she corrects the worlds wrongs. What more could you ask for?!

So onto the start of AYA, and as the title suggests this video is something we should all be able to laugh at. One of Earth’s longest active wars. A power struggle of immense proportions. Will there ever be a winner in this epic tale of two tribes? Of course I’m talking about Cats versus Dogs. The featured video is a compilation from 2013 showing random interactions from all over YouTube where our beloved house pets don’t always see eye to eye. ENJOY!

If you find a great video on YouTube and you want me to see it, you can get in touch with me in many ways. The best will most likely be over on twitter and my username is @Ashbosh or you can email me at Ashbosh@stashcast.com! Remember to download the latest episode of the Stashcast from either iTunes or our RSS feed for Android. If you can’t then this Friday the latest episode will be online at Stashcast.com to stream!