JBo Making You Smarter – Fact 1 Pandas

So in an effort to provide some knowledge and smiles I am going to post once a week about a weird and wonderful fact that I have dug up. This week and as an opener I thought I’d start with an animal fact and I have chosen the amazingly cool Panda.

So Pandas, ever wondered why they eat so much? I did and what I found was epic. Pandas used to be solely Carnivores (meat eaters) a lot like other bears, they evolved to live with that eating habit however after losing the meat-eating gene around 5 million years ago due to prey drying up they have pretty much eaten Bamboo ever since.

Interestingly though their digestion system never caught up with this and this is the reason they eat and eat all day, their small intestine is still built for meat eating and is very short so they constantly need to eat as the food goes straight through them without getting the needed nutrients. Now as humans you may know that we have a very long small intestine and this is because we never used to eat meat we were veggies so we have the opposite. This is a reason we sometimes have issues with dairy foods because our bodies arent built for us to have them. Us, the Pandas and Squirrels are the only known species to swap our eating habits going from majority eating meat/veg to the other.

As well as pandas having amazing changes in eating they are classed as ‘Savage’ animals and are classified alongside Tigers and Lions by most governing bodies. So not as fluffy and huggable as you may think!

So there you go, that’s your fact about pandas, hope you liked it and want to pass on this useless knowledge to everyone you meet!


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